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Are you ready to rekindle the love that brought you together?

Are you ready to receive training for your marriage like you have your career?

Are you well into your marriage but need a major overhaul?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you're ready for the Total Marriage Refresh, the ultimate marriage retreat training you on the top six steps needed for relationship satisfaction. 

What is a marriage retreat?

A marriage retreat is a concentrated time to spend on your relationship to work through resentments, improve communication, learn new tools, and increase intimacy. It provides quality time without the distractions of life to refocus on your partner. 

What does our marriage retreat cover?

Marriage Step One: Establishing a Covenant Foundation

To have a solid marriage, couples must clarify their value system and approach to marriage. The two options are contract vs covenant. How you approach your marriage will greatly impact how you respond to problems in your relationship, which are inevitable.

Marriage Step Two: Owning Your Brokenness

We all have a certain set of weaknesses or growth areas we bring into marriage. Conflicts often are the result of both partner's weaknesses creating vicious cycles with one another. Becoming aware of your areas of brokenness and owning them is vital to marital health.

Marriage Step Three: Learning to Share Power

Marriages work best when both spouses have an equal voice in the relationship and decisions are made with both partners in enthusiastic agreement. However, most couples have a power imbalance where one partner rules while the other becomes passive. Breaking this pattern so both have equal power is essential. This step also includes reviewing your personality test results to increase respect for your differences.

Marriage Step Four: Developing Emotional Attachment

The goal in marriage is to become best friends with your spouse. However, the majority are not and drift into isolation from one another. This step will train you on how to effectively work through conflict and areas of resentment and then how to build emotional closeness moving forward.

Marriage Step Five: Cultivating Sexual Fireworks

A healthy sex life is optimal for all married couples. However, because of past sexual trauma, relationship tension, and different libidos, most couples have problems in this area. This step will help you navigate through this sensitive topic to cultivate mutually satisfying sensual and sexual connection.

Marriage Step Six: Staying in Love

Now that you've learned how to have a covenant marriage, own your brokenness, share power, develop emotional attachment, and cultivate sexual fireworks, it's important to know how to keep things going well. This step will teach you specific techniques on how to continually fill one another's love bucket to stay in love and affair proof your relationship moving forward. 

Who is our couples retreat speaker?

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I'm Dr. Wyatt Fisher and I'm the creator of the Total Marriage Refresh. I have a a master's and doctorate in clinical psychology and I'm a licensed psychologist. I've been married since 1999 and my own relationship has been to the brink of divorce and back so I help couples from both a personal and professional perspective. I've been in private practice since 2004 specializing in marriage counseling. I'm also the author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book, host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast, creator of the Keep the Glow couples app, and leader of the Marriage Boot Camp. To learn more about me click here.

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What is the marriage retreat schedule?


8:30am-9:45am: Marriage Step One: Establishing A Covenant Foundation 

9:45am-11am: Marriage Step Two: Owning Your Brokenness 

11am-11:45pm: Marriage Step Three: Learning To Share Power 

11:45pm-12:45pm lunch 

12:45pm-2pm: Marriage Step Four: Developing Emotional Attachment 

2pm-3:15pm: Marriage Step Five: Cultivating Sexual Fireworks 

3:15pm-4pm: Marriage Step Six: Staying In Love and concluding remarks

The retreat is for all couples, whether you're dating, engaged, or married and regardless of your orientation.

There is no group sharing

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