Marriage Saver Society (MSS)

marriage saver society
What if you could start rebuilding your marriage today.....and every day thereafter? 
Marriage Saver Society is the proven system that will help you and your partner resolve your resentments and rekindle your love. 
Aren't you tired of feeling hopeless and unhappy? 
Join Marriage Saver Society and start turning your marriage around!

By The End Of MSS; You'll Have Mastered:

1-How to build your commitment.

2-How to own your part to problems in your relationship.

3-How to share power with your partner on decisions.

4-How to cultivate emotional intimacy and empathy.

5-How to have effective communication.

6-How to resolve conflicts.

7-How to heal resentments.

8-How to cultivate sexual fireworks.

9-How to stay in love.



 What's Inside Marriage Saver Society (MSS)?

Marriage Saver Society is our exclusive digital course designed by Licensed Psychologist Dr. Wyatt Fisher. Check out Dr. Wyatt's Google Reviews here. 

In MSS you'll receive access to 6 modules you can view from the comfort of your living room. Each module is approximately 45-75 minutes of content packed with videos, application exercises, questions, and pdf guides. You'll also receive four 45 minute sessions with one of our Master Relationship Coaches for individualized support to help you and your partner resolve your resentments.  

Here's the secret sauce you'll learn inside MSS!

marriage saver

marriage saver

marriage saver

marriage saver

marriage saver

marriage saver

 How Do You Get Started? 

1-Select one of the "Grab Your Spot" options on this page.


3-You'll receive a confirmation email with login information to MSS.

4-You'll receive an email from your Master Coach within 24 hours to set up your first session.

Plus, you'll receive a FREE PDF on the Top 10 Steps to Heal Your Resentments for signing up today!


Refund Policy: You can receive a full refund within 14 days of purchase if you're unhappy with Marriage Saver Society for any reason. 

Please email with any questions you have about Marriage Saver Society.


1-What if my partner won't participate? 

You can still participate and be transformed by the material and that could transform your marriage. 

2-Why should I do Marriage Saver Society (MSS) instead of marriage counseling?

For starters, it's much more affordable. The material covered in Marriage Saver Society is equivalent to 10 counseling sessions with Dr. Wyatt, which would cost $2000, compared to $599 for Marriage Saver Society. Also, it's more convenient because you can participate in Marriage Saver Society from the comfort of your living room. Last, you and your partner won't be singled out, which can easily happen in couples therapy. Therefore, you'll feel safer learning the material.

3-How much time should we spend in the Marriage Saver Society (MSS) each week? 

The more time you spend in it the more you'll get out of it. It's recommended to set aside 1-2 hours per week until you complete all the modules to make steady progress. At that pace you will complete the material in 6-8 weeks. 

4-How long will we have access to Marriage Saver Society (MSS)?

Your access to Marriage Saver Society will never expire so you can review the material over and over until you gain mastery.

5-Is the Marriage Saver Society (MSS) helpful if our marriage has experienced infidelity? 

If your marriage has experienced infidelity go through our Affair Recovery Program here first to ensure affair recovery is properly in place. Once it is, then enroll in Marriage Saver Society. 

6-Does the Marriage Saver Society (MSS) work for all couples? 

Marriage Saver Society works for all couples who are teachable and want to improve their marriage.

7-How is MSS different than Dr. Wyatt's Total Marriage Refresh conference? 

MSS is the digital version of Dr. Wyatt's Total Marriage Refresh conference. However, it also adds 9 additional modules of training on the tools for you to gain mastery and 4 sessions with one of our master coaches for individualized support.

8-What happens during the four relationship coaching sessions? 

You'll receive individualized support during your relationship coaching sessions to help you and your partner resolve your resentments.