Marriage Boot Camp Masterclass!

marriage boot camp

Struggling in your marriage? 

Tired of all the resentments?

Starting to feel hopeless? 

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In it, you'll learn the top 4 steps to transform your marriage!

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marriage boot camp

In This 30 Minute, Value Packed Marriage Boot Camp Masterclass You'll Discover:

1-The top 10 reasons couples have problems in their relationship.

2-Why working through resentments is essential to feeling close with your partner because unresolved resentments creates walls that break down intimacy on all levels.

3-Why rebuilding the friendship with your partner is important through increased emotional intimacy, non-sexual touch, and quality time. Having a solid friendship with your partner is essential to a healthy marriage.

4-Why prioritizing sensual and sexual time with your partner is important for a healthy marriage and appropriate once resentments have been healed and the friendship has been rebuilt.

A Note From Dr. Wyatt On The Marriage Boot Camp Masterclass

marriage boot camp

Let's face it, marriage is hard work. You have two imperfect people living side by side day in and day out. Inevitably, feelings are going to get hurt and needs are going to be unmet. When that occurs, couples tend to stuff their feelings and eventually wall off or blow up, making things even worse. Well guess what? There are solutions. There are tools. There are steps you can take to improve your relationship and my masterclass will show you how! I have a master's and doctorate in clinical psychology and I'm a licensed psychologist. Also, my own marriage has been to the brink of divorce and back so I know how it feels to be filled with resentment and out of love. However, I also know how it feels to heal those resentments and fall back in love and I've helped over 1000 couples do the same. Sign up for my FREE Marriage Boot Camp Masterclass and I'll show you how! Learn more about me here.