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Marriage Retreat California

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What: Total Marriage Refresh- Couples Retreat California
When: Available Anytime
Why: It's time to receive training for your marriage like you have your career!

Where: The conference is typically held at the Embassy Suites in San Diego, CA. This is a live recording of the Total Marriage Refresh led by Dr. Wyatt Fisher. Once purchased, you'll be emailed the files for viewing along with a 40 page booklet to follow along. The seminar includes six sessions that are 75 minutes each. Each session includes a 45 minute presentation by Dr. Wyatt followed by a 30 minute application time for couples to apply the content through discussion questions.

San Diego, CA is known for it's over 70 miles of pristine white beaches, it's incredible attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and Lego-land, and is often referred to as "America's Finest City." With so many great things to do combined with spectacular weather, it's hard to stay inside very long. Traveling to Coronado Island for the day is a great outing, as long as you're not scared of the extremely high bridge to get there. San Diego is also filled with lots of fine eating ranging from Mexican, wood-fired pizza, and Asian. Couples know it's a wonderful place to call home. 

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The Couples Retreat In California Covers  

1-Establishing a Covenant Foundation

The first step is to decide if you're going to approach your marriage as a contract vs a covenant. A contract says I'm committed to you as long my needs are met and I'm in love. The covenant approach also values needs being met and being in love but it's committed to the long-haul, knowing there will be seasons of winter in marriage too. 

2-Owning Your Brokenness 

Building on top of a covenant foundation you must own your brokenness, which is the culmination of all your weaknesses and shortcomings. Sounds like a fun topic doesn't it? Instead of owning your contribution to the problems in your marriage, you probably excel at blaming your partner for them. This step levels the playing field so both partners are looking at their part evenly.

3-Learning to Share Power 

After building a covenant foundation and owning your brokenness, it's important to share power on all decisions so you both feel like equals in your relationship. Love flourishes when equality is the spirit in the relationship. This step will help get you there. 

4-Developing Emotional Attachment

The backbone of all relationships is being good friends. However, it's hard to do without a covenant foundation, owning your brokenness, and sharing power. Developing emotional attachment includes building emotional intimacy and working through resentments and conflicts constructively.

5-Cultivating Sexual Fireworks

Sex is best in marriage when partners are aiming towards a covenant foundation, owning their brokenness, sharing power, and have emotional attachment. Good sex is the result of these prior steps being in place. Cultivating mutually enjoyable sensual and sexual contact that balances the needs for both high and low libido partners is essential.

6-Staying in Love

Once you've built the previous five steps, it's essential to keep it alive through learning to stay in love. This step will teach you a powerful tool for falling back in love and staying in love long-term. The more a couple stays in love, the more their relationship naturally becomes affair and divorce proof!

Speaker at the Marriage Retreat In California

couples retreat California | marriage retreats CA

The current speaker is Dr. Wyatt Fisher but will rotate in the future with other presenters. Dr. Wyatt has a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He's been in private practice since 2004 where he specializes in marriage counseling. 

Retreat Schedule:

Day One

5pm-6:15pm: Marriage Step One: Establishing A Covenant Foundation 

6:15pm-7:30pm: Marriage Step Two: Owning Your Brokenness 

7:30pm-8:15pm: Marriage Step Three: Learning To Share Power 

Day Two

8am-9:15am: Marriage Step Four: Developing Emotional Attachment 

9:15am-10:30am: Marriage Step Five: Cultivating Sexual Fireworks 

10:30am-11:15am: Marriage Step Six: Staying In Love and concluding remarks

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