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Marriage Retreat PA

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What: Total Marriage Refresh- Couples Retreat PA
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Why: Receive training for your marriage like you have your career!

Where: The marriage retreat in PA is typically held at the Embassy Suites in Philadelphia, PA. This is a live recording of the Total Marriage Refresh led by Dr. Wyatt Fisher. Once purchased, you'll be emailed the files for viewing along with a 40 page booklet to follow along. The seminar includes six sessions that are 75 minutes each. Each session includes a 45 minute presentation by Dr. Wyatt followed by a 30 minute application time for couples to apply the content through discussion questions.

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The Couples Retreat in PA Covers

1-Establishing a Covenant Foundation

Most couples approach marriage as a contract where their commitment is entirely based on their feelings. Therefore, as their feelings ebb and flow so does their commitment. The contract approach often breeds insecurity in the relationship as partners threaten to end their relationship when upset. In contrast, the covenant approach to marriage says we are signing up for the long-haul, despite going through ups and downs. When these couple go through difficult times they reach out for help and work harder at turning their relationship around.

2-Owning Your Brokenness

All partners bring some type of baggage into marriage from their past. Perhaps they were neglected growing up, perhaps they were abused, perhaps they were abandoned, perhaps they were spoiled, etc. The impact of our imperfect upbringing creates areas of weakness or shortcomings. Once married, both partner's areas of brokenness begin interacting and create vicious cycles. Therefore, it's vital for all couples to identify and own their areas of brokenness to infuse humility and emotional safety into their relationship. 

3-Learning to Share Power

All partners need to have an equal voice in marriage and feel like they can influence their partner. Unfortunately, many of us can be domineering and rigid and won't share power with our partner. Others of us can be passive and won't articulate what we think and feel on a decision. When a couple doesn't share power, conflicts escalate and sex decreases. This step helps couples understand the value of sharing power in marriage to develop a sense of teamwork between two equals. 

4-Developing Emotional Attachment

Most couples start off as best friends before getting married. However, through the years their focus tends to turn away from one another and towards other pressing demands, such as kids, finances, career, etc. When this occurs, friendship drops and resentment and conflict enter. Therefore, helping couples re-build their friendship and emotional connection is core to a lasting marriage. 

5-Cultivating Sexual Fireworks

The marriage bed should be the ultimate place to experience sexual pleasure and enjoyment. Unfortunately, for many couples there's a lack of sex and a lack of mutual pleasure during it. This step explores all the pitfalls couples fall into sexually and provides practical tools to construct a new sex life filled with voice, choice, and pleasure. 

6-Staying in Love

The ultimate goal of marriage is to stay in love. After all, in love couples are naturally affair and divorce proof. Being in love makes us happy and makes marriage a refuge. However, many couples fall out of love through the years and don't know how to get it back. This step will show you concrete steps to take that will bring love back to your relationship for the long-term. 

Speaker at the Marriage Retreat in PA 

couples retreat PA | marriage retreat PA

Dr. Wyatt Fisher is the founder and speaker for the Total Marriage Refresh in PA. He has a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has been married since 1999. Her personal mission statement is to reduce the divorce rate one marriage at a time. 

Retreat Schedule:

Day One

8pm-9:15pm: Marriage Step One: Establishing A Covenant Foundation 

9:15pm-10:30pm: Marriage Step Two: Owning Your Brokenness 

10:30pm-11:15pm: Marriage Step Three: Learning To Share Power 

Day Two

11am-12:15pm: Marriage Step Four: Developing Emotional Attachment 

12:15pm-1:30pm: Marriage Step Five: Cultivating Sexual Fireworks 

1:30pm-2:15pm: Marriage Step Six: Staying In Love and concluding remarks

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