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Are you looking for the best apps for couples to foster your relationship? You've come to the right place. Welcome to Keep the Glow, the leading couples app helping people worldwide stay in love. Whether you've only been together for a few months and want to keep your love going strong or you've been together 25+ years and need a major overhaul to fall back in love, this app is for you!

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Apps for Couples

Everyone begins relationships feeling madly in love. Why, because their love buckets are full. We all have a love bucket inside of us and we need certain things to fill it up to make us feel loved and satisfied in marriage. Imagine your partner like a faucet and in the beginning they were doing an amazing job filling up your love bucket because they were doing and saying all the right things. Their faucet was on full blast! However, through the years of being together they've turned down the faucet either intentionally or unintentionally and are now barely putting any water into your love bucket. And instead, they've begun doing behaviors that make you feel negative towards them, which creates a hole in the bottom of your bucket and water starts leaking out. Before long, the full love bucket you had in the beginning of your relationship that made you feel in love with your partner becomes lower and lower until eventually it runs dry, which is when couples start feeling hopeless. So, the key to resurrecting any marriage and staying in love is to start doing the top fillers your partner desires to feel loved and stop doing the top drainers that makes them feel negative towards you. This may sound easy to do but often involves a learning curve. You first must learn what your partners fillers and drainers are, then how they are defining their terms, then you must begin the slow process of changing your behaviors to maximize their fillers and minimize their drainers. However, If you do this long enough, you become irresistible to your partner! 

The Keep the Glow couples app is designed to help you do this successfully. It's a convenient platform for both you and your partner to identify the top fillers you desire and drainers you dislike in your relationship. Next, it provides a convenient method for giving and receiving feedback on your partner's fillers and drainers once a week to train you on how to become an incredible partner.

Here are a few tips to use this app for couples successfully. First, don't ever tell your partner you can't meet one of their fillers because it's not who you are because that will turn marriage into a prison for them. Instead, lean in and do all you can to improve, even if it's not your natural bent, because your effort will honor your partner. Second, avoid the trap of getting defensive or defeated when getting feedback on how well you've filled your partner's love bucket. Defensive says "it's not my fault" and defeated says "why try, I'm never going to figure this out." Both are toxic! Instead, have the heart of a student when getting feedback. Good students are teachable, eager to learn, and ask lots of questions on how to improve!

So, if you're ready to feel madly in love with your partner, download this app for couples today and get started! 

Dr. Wyatt Fisher

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