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The Dr. Wyatt Show is a marriage podcast helping couples develop more satisfying relationships. Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed psychologist specializing in marriage counseling and was raised in a divorced home so knows firsthand the impact of broken families. In addition, he's been married since 1999 and his own relationship has been to the brink of divorce and back so he helps couples from both a personal and professional perspective. Marriage podcasts are a wonderful way to receive help for your relationship while you work, clean, commute, exercise, or anything else that fills your day.

What is a marriage podcast?

A marriage podcast provides regular direction on how to make your relationship better along with practical tools to get there. Episodes can range from 15 minutes to an hour. Some episodes include interviews of other experts but most are from the host speaking from their own expertise on marriage. 

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Contact the Dr. Wyatt Show Marriage Podcast

You can call the Dr. Wyatt Show podcast at 720-307-7347 Mondays through Thursdays from 4-6pm MST with your marriage questions and Dr. Wyatt will respond. If you get his voice mail leave a message with your question and he'll respond to it on the next podcast episode. If the Dr. Wyatt Show has made a positive impact on your relationship, he would love to have you on the program to hear your story to inspire countless others. If that's you, please submit your information here. To access the freebies discussed on the marriage podcast click here. 

Support the Dr. Wyatt Show Marriage Podcast 

If you support our mission to strengthen marriages, please consider becoming a sponsor of the Dr. Wyatt Show. Your sponsorship will allow us to pour more resources into the marriage podcast, which will help us reach more couples! Becoming a sponsor is also a great way to promote your relevant product to our listeners. 

Reviews of the Dr. Wyatt Show Marriage Podcast 

"I have to write to say a huge thank you. We live in England and have had a bad year with the loss of parents and grandparents, work stress, and poor communication. Things were looking bad a few months ago but then I came across your marriage podcast on Spotify. It was as though someone had switched on the lights. Everything you said made absolute perfect sense and I started implementing your six steps. The bigger sell was to my wife but eventually she agreed to listen to them with me and we discussed them afterwards. After a week there were huge improvements! Then, we listened to your episode on filling your partner's love bucket; OMG, it was like a love bomb went off in our relationship. Now we are a few months into filling one another's love buckets and now it's just the norm for us. We have rediscovered each other and now every part of our relationship is in full bloom. You have become, without ever meeting us, one of the most important people in our life. Thank you for giving us the tools to save our marriage. Forever in your gratitude!" J.J. -listener

"We went to Dr. Wyatt Fisher's Total Marriage Refresh retreat. Now we can't stop listening to his marriage podcast and are continuing our growth. So thankful!" S.K.- listener

"I'm so thankful I found this couples therapy podcast. I appreciate all of your advice and breaking it down into practical steps. It gives me hope for my marriage." M.S.- listener

"Your words of encouragement helped so much and I just wanted to thank you again! Overall, you are a huge inspiration to find the right type of love and relationship." F.V. -listener

"Hello Dr. Fisher! I just wanted to reach out and first THANK YOU for being a true inspiration! After 7 years of being in a destructive marriage we have begun to let the old marriage die and rebuild a beautiful stronger marriage, one that is healthy and exudes happiness! In one of my dark moments of feeling helpless with our marriage is when I came across you. It was perfect timing! Since then I have been listening to your marriage podcast and a lot of your videos, which I feel has helped me tremendously. I feel there is so much valuable information in each video and again I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight for everyone who is in a relationship and just needs those extra tips that can really make a difference for them."  E.P. -listener

Dr. Wyatt Fisher

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