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Marriage Retreat Houston

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What: Total Marriage Refresh- Couples Retreat Houston, TX
When: Available Anytime
Why: It's time to receive training for your marriage like you have your career!

Where: The conference is usually held at the Embassy Suites hotel in Houston, TX. This is a live recording of the Total Marriage Refresh led by Dr. Wyatt Fisher. Once purchased, you'll be emailed the files for viewing along with a 40 page booklet to follow along. The seminar includes six sessions that are 75 minutes each. Each session includes a 45 minute presentation by Dr. Wyatt followed by a 30 minute application time for couples to apply the content through discussion questions.

"We have been married 27 years and have been to many marriage conferences. This one was fantastic and covered several big concepts yet made them practical. We laughed and cried and our marriage has been refreshed." -previous attendant

The Couples Retreat in Houston, TX Covers:

1-Establishing a Covenant Foundation: 
Most couples approach marriage as a contract where commitment is entirely based on feelings. Not surprisingly, this approach leads to high divorce rates. In contrast, couples can approach their marriage as a long-term covenant, which creates multiple benefits. 
2-Owning Our Brokenness:
We become highly skilled at pointing out the flaws in our partner but are terrible about pointing out the flaws in ourselves. Learning to identify and own our growth areas without excuses is critical to becoming a good spouse. 
3-Learning to Share Power:
Learning to share power on all decisions, big and small, that impacts our marriage can be a struggle. Usually, one spouse like to have their way and the other spouse learns to give in. This dynamic is toxic and builds resentment and distance. 
4-Developing Emotional Attachment: 
The heart of a good marriage is being good friends. Therefore, couples must learn how to cultivate emotional intimacy, heal from resentments, and constructively work through conflicts to stay emotionally close.
5-Cultivating Sexual Fireworks:
Unfortunately, the majority of low libido partners engage in obligation sex, which lowers their libido even further. Instead, couples must learn how to engage in sensual and sexual activity that is mutually enjoyable where both partners are fully engaged.
6-Staying in Love:
Couples get married because they are in love. However, through years of stress and strain they tend to fall out of love. Therefore, learning the tools to fall back in love and stay in love is vital. After all, we all want to feel in love and happy in our marriage! 
"Excellent examples and tools for marriage. It was fun and easy to listen to. I loved the presenter's passion." -previous attendant

Speaker at the Marriage Retreat in Houston, TX

marriage retreat Houston, TX | couples retreat Houston, TX

Dr. Wyatt Fisher is the founder and facilitator of the Total Marriage Refresh in Houston, TX. He has a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Psychologist. He's been in private practice since 2004 where he specializes in marriage counseling. In addition, he's been married since 1999 and his own relationship has been to the brink of divorce and back so he helps couples from both a personal and professional perspective. 

Seminar Schedule:

Day One

7pm-8:15pm: Marriage Step One: Establishing A Covenant Foundation 

8:15pm-9:30pm: Marriage Step Two: Owning Your Brokenness 

9:30pm-10:15pm: Marriage Step Three: Learning To Share Power 

Day Two

10am-11:15am: Marriage Step Four: Developing Emotional Attachment 

11:15am-12:30pm: Marriage Step Five: Cultivating Sexual Fireworks 

12:30pm-1:15pm: Marriage Step Six: Staying In Love and concluding remarks

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"It was very engaging and helpful. Way surpassed my expectations." -previous attendant

marriage retreat Houston, TX | couples retreat Houston, TX

More Reviews:

"Amazing, helpful topics, can't wait to get started working toward a greater marriage. Every section was very eye opening!" -previous attendant 

"The Total Marriage Refresh in Houston, Texas was super effective and makes me motivated to improve my marriage. Thank you for sharing your expertise." previous attendant

"I give the conference a 10 out of 10. I learned so much I didn't know about my spouse. It was very entertaining too!" -previous attendant

"The marriage retreat was very honest and easy to implement. I love how the presenter shared their personal experience as well as professional expertise. It was extremely effective." -previous attendant

"Every section was applicable to all marriages. It kept my attention through videos, stories, movement, and the break out sessions with my partner. The entire seminar made my spouse and I stop, think, and appreciate each other more." -previous attendant