Marriage Counseling in Boulder, CO

marriage counseling boulder

Dr. Wyatt Fisher provides couples therapy and marriage counseling in Boulder, CO. He has a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Colorado. He has been in private practice since 2004 and has been married since 1999. His own relationship has been to the brink of divorce and back so he helps couples from both a personal and professional perspective. Helping couples develop incredible relationships is his passion! Learn more about him here.

With the divorce rate hovering around 50% for all marriages, it's evident people struggle having successful relationships. Some of the top struggles for couples include wounds from their past sabotaging their relationship, busy schedules leaving no room to cultivate their marriage, unresolved conflicts and resentments, and not effectively meeting one another's needs. As you can see, there can be a lot to cover in marriage counseling to help couples experience healing and hope. 

Marriage counseling in Boulder, CO 

The intake appointment for couples counseling begins with him meeting each partner individually for around 15 minutes to hear more about their history and perspective on the marriage. Next, he meets with the couple together to identify their top areas of resentment. Then, Dr. Wyatt teaches the couple the reunite tool to help them work through resentments in an emotionally safe way. Resentments are like rocks in the soil and they must be dug out before new seeds of growth can be planted. Once the resentments have been addressed he'll help couples build new skills to foster a fulfilling relationship moving forward.

Dr. Wyatt Fisher has two appointment options, 45 minutes ($175) or 1.5 hours ($350). It's recommended to begin with weekly 1.5 hour sessions to hit the ground running, then drop down to 45 minute sessions weekly and eventually every other week once things start improving. You want to hit it hard up front when hope is needed the most. A picture of Dr. Wyatt is included below. 

marriage counseling boulder

Dr. Wyatt Fisher is licensed in Colorado but not on any insurance panels. Therefore, if you'd like to use insurance, you'd pay him full fee at the time of service then he would provide a paid receipt for you to submit to your insurance company. Most insurance companies reimburse around 50% when seeing someone out of network but you would need to verify this with your insurance company. You also can pay for services using a health savings account (HSA).  

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The cost of marriage counseling may sound average to some and expensive to others. If it sounds high to you, consider how much more you'd be spending if your marriage enters into separation or divorce! In addition, consider the thousands of dollars you've spent on education and training to be successful in your career compared to how much you've spent on training to have a successful marriage. The difference is probably staggering! Therefore, consider the investment into couples counseling as long over-due training for marital success.

It typically takes around 6 months of marriage therapy for couples to feel like they are turning the corner and making sustainable progress. However, some couples only require a few months while others may need a few years. How long a couple has been experiencing problems often will influence how long they need marriage counseling to change their negative patterns. In addition, improvement is contingent upon how willing each partner is to take ownership for their part and how motivated they are to implement what's taught during sessions.
To find the office, take Canyon headed west, take a right on 9th, and then a left onto Walnut. Walnut will eventually turn into a parking lot and his office is the last building on the right before the parking lot. All of the parking around the office is free. Enter the front of the building and his office is upstairs and the first one on the left. The address is 703 Walnut St. Boulder, CO 80302.

Before your first couples therapy appointment in Boulder

1-Please fill out the Client Services Agreement and the Intake Questionnaire. You'll need to print, fill out, then scan to or bring hard copies to your first appointment. You’ll need one copy of the “Client Services Agreement” for you both to sign the last two pages and two copies of the “Intake Questionnaire” for you each to fill out.

2-Search for the Marriage Steps Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts and listen to episode #122 titled "Five Ways to Prepare for Marriage Counseling” to maximize your experience. Be sure to subscribe to receive future episodes!

3-Order the book "Total Marriage Refresh: 6 Steps to Marital Satisfaction" to quicken your progress. You can order one or two copies depending on if you want to read it together with your partner or separately. Purchase the book on Amazon here.

Email to make an appointment. If you live outside of Colorado please view our relationship coaching services for providers in other states trained and supervised by Dr. Wyatt.

Dr. Wyatt Fisher

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