Marriage Counseling in Boulder, CO with Dr. Wyatt

marriage counseling boulder, co

With the divorce rate hovering around 50% for all marriages, it's evident people struggle having successful relationships. Some of the top struggles for couples include wounds from their past sabotaging their relationship, busy schedules leaving no room to cultivate their marriage, unresolved conflicts and resentments, and not effectively meeting one another's needs. As you can see, there can be a lot to cover in marriage counseling to help couples experience healing and hope. 

What happens during marriage counseling with Dr. Wyatt?

Dr. Wyatt begins his work with couples in a two day intensive and then weekly appointments thereafter and here's why. When couples first come in for counseling they are in desperate need for help, which is why they reached out for support. Therefore, starting out with once a week appointments is a poor match for the desperation couples feel because progress with once a week appointments is often slow. That's why Dr. Wyatt starts every couple off with a two day intensive and then provides weekly appointments thereafter, which accomplishes several things. First, it allows the couple to work through the majority of their resentments in a condensed period of time. Working through resentments is an essential first step because when there's active resentments nothing else goes well in a relationship. It's hard to go on dates with someone you resent. It's hard to develop emotional intimacy with someone you resent. It's hard to have sex with someone you resent. Therefore, resolving resentments is the first goal and having two full days together usually helps couples heal the majority of their resentments. Second, starting off with a two day intensive helps Dr. Wyatt to deeply understand the couples dynamics and vicious cycles quickly, which allows him to help the couple more effectively. Third, receiving once a week regular sessions after the intensive is important for continued skill building and long-term retention of the progress.

How much does couples therapy cost with Dr. Wyatt?

The upfront cost for the two day intensive is $3200. The cost for weekly 45 minute appointments thereafter is $200. Dr. Wyatt is licensed in Colorado but not on any insurance panels. Therefore, if you'd like to use insurance, you'd pay him full fee then he would provide a paid receipt for you to submit to your insurance company after your appointment. Most insurance companies reimburse around 50% when seeing someone out of network but you would need to verify this with your insurance company. You also may be able to pay for services using a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account. You also can set up installments during checkout with ShopPay.

Who is Dr. Wyatt?

Dr. Wyatt provides marriage counseling at his office in Boulder, CO and virtually across the US. He has a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Psychologist in the state of Colorado. He has been in private practice since 2004 and has been married since 1999. He's also the host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast, leader of the Total Marriage Refresh couples retreat, and developer of the Keep the Glow couples app. You can learn more about him here. 


Where is the marriage counseling held? 

The two day intensive and follow up weekly sessions can be held either in Dr. Wyatt's Boulder office or virtually. It's up to the couple. His office is situated beautifully near the Boulder Creak and Pearl Street. Here are some photos below of his office. 

marriage counseling Boulder, CO
marriage counseling Boulder, CO

How do we start marriage counseling with Dr. Wyatt? 

1-The first step is to schedule your two day intensive with Dr. Wyatt. You can access his schedule here.

2-The second step is to pay for your two day intensive. You can pay for it here. Remember, your intensive is not confirmed until payment is received. 

3-Once steps one and two are complete you'll receive an email from Dr. Wyatt within 24 hours with steps to take to prepare for the intensive.  


1-What does the 2 day intensive look like?

Both days will be structured like this.

9-10:30 session


10:45-12:15 session

12:15-12:45 break

12:45-2:15 session

2:15-2:30 break

2:30-4 session

2-What happens during the 2 day intensive?

Dr. Wyatt will help you and your partner work through the resentments in your marriage so you can start feeling hope again.

3-Is lunch included? 

No, couples are on their own for lunch. However, Dr. Wyatt's office is one block from Pearl Street so there are lots of options within walking distance.

4-Why does Dr. Wyatt start with a 2 day intensive?

He starts with an intensive because couples need the most progress up front. He knows concentrated time in the beginning is essential to make progress quickly followed by weekly appointments for long-term growth.