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You're probably here because you're either starting marriage and want to do things right or you're struggling in your marriage and looking for help. Either way, you've come to the right place because everything on this site is designed to build your marriage. Let's get started!
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We often feel more comfortable receiving advice from someone we know. I'm a licensed psychologist specializing in marriage counseling and my own relationship since 1999 has been to the brink of divorce and back. Therefore, I know what it feels like to be resentful and hopeless but I also know what it feels like to heal and fall back in love. Check out my about page to learn more about my story and passion for helping couples. 
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Choose one of several ways to feel connected with like minded individuals pursuing a healthy marriage.
1-The first way to be part of the community is to sign up for my newsletter. You'll receive weekly tips on how to better your relationship. Look for the pop-up!
2-The second way to be part of the community is to follow me on social media. I usually post twice per day. 
3-The third way to be part of the community is to subscribe to my Dr. Wyatt Show podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. The podcast is a great way to receive free encouragement and tips for your marriage. Also, you can contact me on the Dr. Wyatt Show podcast M-Th from 4-6pm MST at 720-307-7347 with your marriage related questions. You also can watch it on YouTube. 
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There are three levels to choose from to start building your marriage. 
1-Level one is reading my articles on how to strengthen your relationship. 
2-Level two is my marriage app, book, and tools. My app Keep the Glow will show you one of the best methods for staying in love. My book Total Marriage Refresh covers the top six steps to marital satisfaction. My tools will help you effectively handle common marital challenges. 
3-Level three is my marriage retreat, marriage counseling, and relationship coaching. My Total Marriage Refresh seminar is an engaging experience to receive concentrated help for your marriage. My marriage counseling is for couples living in Colorado who desire individualized care to improve their relationship. If you live outside of Colorado, my relationship coaching services are a perfect match from providers I train and supervise.
Get started today. Pick the level of support you need and start building your marriage!