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The problem is couples have unresolved resentments that prevent emotional and physical intimacy. Once that pattern becomes entrenched, hopelessness sets in, conflicts increase, and more resentments occur, creating a vicious cycle. 

I know how this feels because my marriage used to be the same. I used to have a lot of resentments and felt out of love with my wife. However, I also know how it feels to heal those resentments and fall back in love and now I've helped thousands of couples do the same. 

The solution is my ER marriage intensive!

In it, I will teach you step by step how to heal your resentments and rekindle your love in 90 days.

Are you tired of feeling like roommates? 

Are you ready to go all in? 

If so, join my most comprehensive resource to fill your marriage with hope, love, and intimacy. 

The next intensive begins Tuesday September 10th, 2024. Classes are virtual from 5-6:30pm MST. Join the waitlist below for the next intensive!

Reserve Your Spot Here For The Next Intensive Starting 9/10/24, Intensives Fill Quickly!

4 Ways To Know If You Need A Marriage Intensive

1-You're feeling hopeless in your marriage because change is not happening.

2-You're feeling alone in your marriage because of unresolved resentments, walls, and needs not being met.

3-You're feeling lost in your marriage because you don't know where to start to improve things. 

4-You're feeling numb from the combination of feeling hopeless, alone, and lost, resulting in feeling like roommates not lovers.

4 Reasons To Enroll In A Marriage Intensive

1-Marriage intensives provide undivided attention to improve your marriage in a concentrated manner. 

2-Marriage intensives like ER provide the same benefit of 6 months of counseling in only 3 months. 

3-Marriage intensives like ER provide education on how to develop a successful marriage, similar to taking a high level college course for your major.

4-Marriage intensives provide quick results to you can start feeling hope in your relationship rather than hopeless. 

What are other couples saying about the ER Marriage Intensive?

"I wish I could sit in this marriage class again, it was so informative. Learning about the seasons of marriage was very helpful. I would recommend this to anyone, no matter what season you are in." N.D.-previous attendant

"This was an amazing experience for me and my husband. Was easy to follow, entertaining and educational. We will forever use the tools we learned from this class. Our marriage wasn’t “in trouble” we just wanted a “refresh” after 11 years together and 5 years of marriage. Highly recommend it to any couple. It will change your marriage if you adopt the tools!" S.N.-previous attendant

"My husband and I were able to receive tips and encouragement from the comfort of our home. I appreciate you giving personal examples of challenges in your marriage. It helped us to connect with you, allowing us to open our hearts and mind. You were transparent and relatable. The format was easy to understand. Dr. Wyatt, thank you!" B.R. previous attendant 

"My husband and I have a good, solid marriage, and we want to keep it that way! We try to attend marriage classes every few years! We love working on our marriage and showing our kids how amazing marriage can be! Thank you Dr. Wyatt for a great course for my husband and I! Loved it!"  R.C.-previous attendant

"My husband and I have completed Dr. Wyatt's ER Marriage Course and have found it highly useful and impactful to our marriage. Before doing the course, I was an avid listener of Dr. Wyatt's podcast and I had read his book. The course is essential as not only does it go through everything in more detail, but a lot of the tools and concepts are explained and practiced in class. I also enjoyed learning in a group environment and having Dr. Wyatt as our weekly mentor. Dr. Wyatt was so good at answering any questions we had and he made the course fun, interactive and engaging. My marriage has improved and it did not take as much effort as I thought it would. I highly recommend anyone who is having marriage issues or wants to improve their marriage to do Dr. Wyatt's course." M.T.-previous attendant 

6 Ways The ER Marriage Intensive Is Unique

1-Concrete Tools.

Traditional couples therapy involves both partners discussing their feelings the entire time, which often leads to complaints and defensiveness without any path forward. In contrast, ER is going to teach you skills to make real progress. 

2-Live Training.

The majority of marriage classes are pre-recorded videos you must watch on your own. In contrast, ER is a live intensive with me through Zoom. Therefore, you'll receive live training, live practice, and live Q & A every week! 

3-You Won't Be Singled Out.

Many people avoid couples therapy because they don't want to be singled out by the therapist. In ER, you won't be singled out because it's a class so it feels safer. 

4-You Won't Feel Alone.

It's easy to feel isolated in your marriage problems because most people don't talk about them. In ER, you'll benefit from being in a group with other couples to see you're not alone in your marital journey. 

5-You Won't Share Your Problems.

In most marriage classes couples are required to share their personal problems with the group. In ER, you won't be required to share any problems because the focus is on learning skills to improve your marriage. 

6-You Won't Feel Lost.

In most marriage classes you learn information without any individualized support to apply the content to your situation. In ER, you'll receive 6 private sessions with one of our master coaches to apply everything you're learning in ER. 

6 Things You'll Gain In The ER Marriage Intensive

1-You'll learn how to increase your commitment to marriage.

This will also include understanding the seasons of marriage, how marriage is a living organism, and how marriage is the ultimate refinement tool.

2-You'll learn how to own your part to the vicious cycles in your relationship to improve your communication.

Enough of the blame game. You'll learn how you're contributing to the issues in your relationship and how to take ownership for those behaviors. You'll also learn an effective tool to give and receive constructive feedback without defensiveness.

3-You'll learn how to share power on decisions to feel like a team.

Sharing power means both you and your partner have an equal voice on all decisions that impact your marriage. Wouldn't that be nice? You'll learn skills to facilitate decision making so both you and your partner feel heard.

4-You'll learn how to resolve resentments and nurture your emotional intimacy.

Nothing else will go well in your marriage when there are active resentments. You'll also learn effective approaches to enhance empathy and emotional intimacy in your relationship. 

5-You'll learn how to maximize your sexual intimacy.

Regular sexual contact is important for a healthy marriage, regardless of your libido, because it's important for emotional and physical bonding. You'll learn keys to enhancing this area of your marriage.

6-You'll learn how to stay in love.

Couples often think if they fall out of love the relationship is over. It's not. It's only over once both partners give up. The goal is learning how to stay in love and stay in love. You'll learn step by step how to do this in your relationship.

Who teaches the ER Marriage Intensive?

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I'm Dr. Wyatt Fisher and I'm the creator of the ER marriage class. I have a master's and doctorate in clinical psychology and I've been in private practice since 2004 specializing in marriage counseling. I'm also the host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast, author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book, creator of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage retreat, and developer of the Keep the Glow couples app. To learn more about me click here. 

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What will you receive in the ER Marriage Intensive?

1-You'll receive live teaching from me for 12 weeks on how to build a successful marriage. Classes are Tuesdays from 5-6:30pm MST and will include time for implementation the skills learned plus Q & A. Each class will be recorded in case you miss any. (To see me for the same number of sessions in my practice would cost $4,800!)

2-You'll receive eight 45 minute coaching sessions with one of my master relationship coaches for individualized support to heal your resentments. (To purchase this many coaching sessions separately would cost $800)

3-You'll receive a 50 page PDF booklet including all the course content so you can follow along and take notes.

4-You'll receive a certificate of completion for going through the ER Marriage Intensive.

5-You'll receive access into my Marriage Membership so you can continue to receive mentorship once the intensive is over to help you develop a successful relationship for years to come!

How much is the ER Marriage Intensive? 

According to Forbes, the average cost of a divorce is between $15,000 and $20,000. Plus, there's the added monthly cost of child support if children are involved and most states require all assets be split 50/50. That's expensive!

For the same number of sessions to see me in my practice plus the six coaching sessions would cost $5,600. The cost for the ER Marriage Class is only $2,500.

Also, you can set up payments for as low as $225/month if you select "ShopPay" during checkout. You also may be able to use your Health Savings Account, Flexible Spending Account, or EAP program for the cost. Plus, it can be classified under CPT code 90853 as group therapy for insurance and you could get reimbursed around $360, depending on your insurance.

Common Objections and Answers to Enrolling

1- We've tried couples therapy before and it didn't work for us.

This isn't typical couples therapy that focuses on your feelings and gets nowhere. This is a skills based class that will educate you on the right way to develop a successful marriage.

2- Our schedules are too busy for this.

That's probably why your marriage is struggling, your schedules are too busy. If you want a healthy relationship, you have to make time for it because your marriage is alive. The intensive is only 1.5 hours per week. Cutting out some of your Instagram and TikTok scrolling could probably make up that time easily!

3- We can't afford it.

If you've been struggling in your marriage for awhile, the next step is usually a separation where you'll have to make an extra rent payment each month. If a separation doesn't inspire you to improve your marriage, the next step is divorce, which costs upwards of $20,000, not including child support and splitting all your assets 50/50. Therefore, this class is a wise investment to prevent major financial loss!

4- I want to join but my partner doesn't.

Even if you enroll alone you can become transformed from all the skills, insights, and strategies you'll learn in the class. The more you change as a partner, the more your partner could change in response.

The next intensive begins Tuesday September 10th, 2024. Classes are virtual from 5-6:30pm MST. Join the waitlist below for the next intensive!

Email or call 303-596-6836 for any questions you may have about the ER Marriage Intensive.

Refund Policy: You may get a full refund within 14 days after the first day of class if you're unhappy with ER for any reason. 


1-What happens after I enroll? Once you enroll you'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours including the link for the classes, the course schedule, and the program manual covering all the material included. Please check your spam folder in case it goes there.

2-What if my partner and I can't attend each class live? Each course is recorded so you can watch them at a later time. 

3-Does my partner have to do the course with me? No, you're welcome to do the course on your own. The more you change, the more you will change your marriage. 

4-What happens during the twelve 1.5 hour class sessions? Dr. Wyatt will teach you all the core skills and tools needed to heal, rebuild, and sustain a lasting marriage. 

5-What happens during the eight 45 minute coaching sessions? Your master coach will help you and your partner resolve your resentments step by step. 

6-Why should we enroll in this class instead of traditional therapy? For one, it's much cheaper. To see Dr. Wyatt for the same amount of sessions in his practice would cost $4,800 and to purchase 8 coaching sessions separately would cost an additional $800. ER only costs $2,500. Also, you'll experience much quicker results in this course compared to traditional therapy because of the combination of education, support, and individualized guidance. 

7-Is this course helpful if we have experienced infidelity? If your marriage has experienced infidelity, first go through Dr. Wyatt's Affair Recovery Program here before enrolling in this course. 

8-How often is the ER Marriage Intensive offered? It is offered two times a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

9-How is the ER Marriage Intensive different than MSS and the TMR retreat? The ER Marriage Intensive is 18 hours of live teaching with Dr. Wyatt, MSS is around 6 hours of recorded teaching with Dr. Wyatt, and the TMR retreat is around 4 hours of live teaching with Dr. Wyatt. In addition, ER includes eight 45 minute sessions with one of Dr. Wyatt's master coaches for individualized support to heal your resentments.

10-Will I get a certificate when I'm done with the program? Yes. Once you complete all the classes for ER you'll receive a certificate of completion.