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Relationship Coach Certification: How to become a relationship coach in 2023

relationship coach certification

Fisher Relationship Coach Academy (FRCA)

Have you ever wanted to become a relationship coach?

Welcome to the most comprehensive program available to train and equip you on how to become an effective relationship coach and develop a successful coaching practice.

Our relationship coach certification program is ideal if you are:

1-Looking to supplement your current work with something more meaningful so you can make an impact on other people's lives. 

2-Wanting to develop a new career path to fulfill your passion to keep couples together by helping them build successful relationships. 

3-Desiring to make a difference in the world by lowering the divorce rate one marriage at a time.  

If that sounds like you, the Fisher Relationship Coach Academy (FRCA) is a perfect match!

What will I learn from the relationship coach certification program?

1-Tools to help couples cultivate successful relationship so you're able to help them with topics such as emotional intimacy, sexual intimacy, teamwork, conflict resolution, and healing resentments.

2-Steps to help couples heal from infidelity so you're able to show them how to rebuild trust and safety in their relationship. 

3-Foundational active listening skills so you're able to provide supportive listening skills with your clients to build rapport. 

4-Keys to starting, managing, and ending a session so you're able to run a session professionally. 

5-Core ethical practices to maintain your integrity so you can build a positive reputation in your local market.   

6-How to take session notes, store files, begin malpractice insurance, accept payments, and start an LLC so you're equipped to run your own business.

7-How to generate new referrals so you're equipped to build your new coaching business. No other coaching program teaches their students how to build their business and generate referrals. They expect their students to figure it out on their own after graduation.

FRCA is accredited by the International Coaching Federation(ICF) so you can earn instant credibility from others as a graduate from the program. The ICF is the governing body of the entire coaching industry worldwide! Our program qualifies for 9 core competency hours and 1 resource development hour. 

relationship coach certification - become a relationship coach

What will I receive from the relationship coach certification program? 

1-You'll receive 12 weeks of live teaching with Dr. Wyatt Fisher. No other coaching program provides 12 weeks of live training from a Licensed Psychologist! Instead, they provide pre-recorded training sessions from other coaches.

2-You'll receive a pdf booklet with all the training material plus a training schedule so you know what to expect each week of the program. 

3-You'll receive access into Dr. Wyatt's private Facebook Group for all FRCA students for support and community. 

Enroll here for the next cohort starting 5/25/23!

Who is the teacher of the relationship coach certification program? 

relationship coach certification - become a relationship coach

I'm Dr. Wyatt Fisher and I'm a licensed psychologist specializing in couples counseling in Boulder, CO. I have a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and I'm also a certified coach. I'm the author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book, founder of the TMR marriage retreat, developer of the Keep the Glow couples app, and host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast. I've also been married since 1999 and in private practice since 2004. Therefore, I bring an ideal blend of educational, professional, and personal experience.

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How do I earn the relationship coach certification? 

1-Attend all 12 training sessions. Each one is 1.5 hours long and will be recorded. It's recommended to attend live through Zoom for the most interaction and support; however, watching the recording is also acceptable for those who are unable to attend because of different time zones and schedules.

2-Do all the required reading for the program.

3-Submit three 20 minute mock coaching sessions to demonstrate your coaching skills with one couple.

4-Provide 12 hours of relationship coaching spread out evenly over two couples. Case notes documenting each session will be required. Clients for this requirement can be family or friends.

5-Pass a final exam over all the material covered in the training at 90% or higher. You'll be given an opportunity to retake the exam if needed. 

What do previous students of the relationship coach certification program have to say? 


relationship coach certification

Becoming a relationship coach under Dr. Wyatt Fisher's certification program was easily one of the most life changing and rewarding decisions I've ever made. The material was clearly outlined, presented well, and practiced extensively. I felt prepared and formed a connection with other coaches and Dr. Fisher himself. It was a very personal and focused program that gave each coach a plan with detailed steps and Dr. Fisher was always a call or email away. Dr. Fisher has given me tools to help others and it's even changed my relationship with my own partner in the best way. Thank you for investing your time and studies with me Dr. Fisher! -Ali Isdaner

relationship coach certification

This training program has been nothing short of life changing. Dr. Wyatt Fisher’s personal experience, depth of knowledge, and vast experience make the training highly effective, engaging, and fun! The information, tools, and resources are phenomenal! Dr. Fisher has given me the structure, skillset, and support I need to thrive as a relationship coach. -Katya Jadwick

relationship coach certification

I highly enjoyed going through Dr. Wyatt Fisher's Relationship Coach Certification program. I learned a lot about the tools to help other relationships, including my own. I appreciated Dr. Fisher's passion for helping relationships heal and strengthen, and he made sure all the coaches were fully trained, supported, and equipped to provide the best services to couples. Dr. Fisher was consistently open to answering questions and made the training experience interactive and extremely informative. -Haven Poush

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When does the next relationship coach certification program begin?

The next cohort will begin 5/25/23. Classes are on Thursdays from 5-6:30pm MST. (Classes are recorded in case you're unable to attend any of them.)

According to Zip Recruiter, the average session rate is $75 for beginning coaches and $120 for established coaches. Therefore, salary will vary based on your level of experience and number of couples seen each week. 

If you charge an average of $100 per session the program will pay for itself after your first 25 sessions. The cost for the program is $2,500. 

Some students have used continuing education or personal development funds from their employer to pay for the program. Also, you can set up payments for as low as $225/month if you select "ShopPay" during checkout.

Enroll today and start your journey toward a rewarding career by reducing the divorce rate one marriage at a time!

Enroll here for the next cohort starting 5/25/23!


1-What happens after I enroll? Once you enroll you'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours including the link for the classes, the course schedule, and the program manual covering all the material included. Please check your spam folder in case it goes there.

2-How can I start getting clients when the program is over? You'll learn multiple marketing strategies so you can start generating referrals upon graduation from the program. 

3-What support options are there after the program is over? You'll have the option of joining a paid supervision group with Dr. Wyatt for support with clients and you'll continue to have access to his private Facebook group with other students. 

4-Will I learn a curriculum for couples to follow in the relationship coach certification program? Yes. You'll learn Dr. Wyatt's three phases of coaching and the exact steps to follow in each one. 

5-Will Dr. Wyatt watch me provide coaching for couples? Yes. You'll be required to submit recorded coaching sessions for Dr. Wyatt to review and provide feedback on. 

6-Will I get a certification when I'm done with the program? Yes. Once you complete all the requirements you'll become a certified relationship coach and you'll receive a certificate.

7-How many hours of work is required each week during the program? The first half of the program will require 2-3 hours of work each week with half of that being the 1.5 hour session with Dr. Wyatt and the rest being reading. The second half of the program will require 4-6 hours per week as you start working with couples for your required practicum experience. 

8-Once we graduate from the relationship coach certification program can we become one of Dr. Wyatt's coaches? This is a possibility but not a guarantee. It depends on demand at the time. 

9-Do I need to have prior coaching or counseling experience to enroll in the program? No prior experience is required. 

10-How often is FRCA offered? FRCA is offered three times a year, once in the fall, spring, and summer. 

Enroll here for the next cohort starting 5/25/23!

Email or call 303-596-6836 for any questions you may have.