About Dr. Wyatt Fisher

Everything on this website is designed to better your marriage. As couples become happier their divorce risk plummets because commitment follows feelings.

My credentials include a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and I'm a Licensed Psychologist. I specialize in marriage counseling and I've been in private practice since 2004. To get the most out of my website start here!

I believe if couples follow my six marriage steps they'll experience deep marital satisfaction. The six steps are the culmination of my education, my clinical work since 2004, and my own personal experience in marriage since 1999. The six steps under-gird all my teachings and if couples follow them, in order, they'll experience a tremendous marriage. However, be warned, following the six marriage steps is not easy. They require intentionality, sacrifice, humility, and hard work to accomplish. I can't change your marriage for you but I can show you the path to get there. If you're willing to put in the effort, you can develop a great relationship! 

You may be wondering where my passion to help couples comes from. Unfortunately, my parents divorced when I was six. Both my parents re-married and my childhood was turbulent from that point forward. Through those difficult years growing up in a broken home, I developed a desire to help others, especially marriages. Fast forward to 1999 and I married my college sweetheart. However, because of trauma from her past and turbulence from mine we proceeded to have a volatile marriage, which furthered my desire to help couples, starting with my own. Thankfully, through years of hard work, sacrifice, and healing, we have a better marriage today than ever before. Therefore, I've made it my life mission to help couples have satisfying relationships to bring joy to themselves, their children, and the broader community. 


My parents when they married in 1969

my family
My mom, sister, and me on my dad's lap, 2 years before their divorce
My wife and I when we first started dating at CU-Boulder in 1996 (I forgot where the barber was located!)
our wedding
Our wedding photo in Pretty Place, NC in 1999
Our family in 2013 with our daughter Jade adopted from China
Dr. Wyatt Fisher
Me today trying to keep up with it all!
I look forward to journeying together with you on this matrimony trail!

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