4 Best Apps for Couples in 2023- Couple App - Relationship App

Apps for Couples - Couples App - Relationship App

Are you looking for the best apps for couples to build your relationship? You've come to the right place. I'll walk you through the top three couples apps to build your relationship for years to come. Relationship apps can be a convenient, creative, and motivating method to grow deeper in your connection with your partner. We aren't taught how to have successful relationships. Therefore, we need help on all sorts of topics, such as how to have effective conflict resolution, emotional intimacy, sexual fireworks, and how to stay in love. People use apps for all sorts of areas in their life, such as connecting with friends, budgeting, or managing their health. Therefore, it would makes sense to use apps to boost your relationship too. 

What are apps for couples?

Apps for couples are applications installed on your phone to foster your relationship. Depending on the app, the benefits can include increased communication, teamwork, physical closeness, and feelings of love. 

Four Best Apps for Couples 

1-Keep the Glow- Top Pick!

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Apps for Couples - Couples App - Relationship App

3 Benefits You'll Receive From Using Keep the Glow (KtG)

1 -Better Communication

The top benefit of KtG is you'll learn how to communicate more openly about what matters most in your relationship.

2 -More Love

As you both learn to fill up your partner's bucket while you stop draining it love will start increasing in your marriage.

3 -Less Fights

KtG will help you have less fights as a result of better communication and more love in your relationship.  

4 Steps You'll Take With Keep the Glow (KtG) 

1 -Identify your fillers

The first thing it will do is help you identify the top three fillers you need to feel loved and satisfied. Some common ones include affection, emotional intimacy, quality time, and sexual contact. These are the behaviors that fill up your love bucket.

2 -Identify your drainers

The second thing it will do is help you identify your drainers. Drainers are the behaviors your partner does that makes you feel negative toward them. Some common ones include critical, defensive, controlling, and dismissive. These are the behaviors that drain your love bucket. Therefore, if your partner is doing an amazing job filling your bucket but also draining it there will be no positive net gain. The goal is for them to fill your bucket while they also stop draining it. Only then will your love bucket get fuller. 

3 -Open up communication

The third thing that will happen after you link your accounts is you'll be prompted to give your partner feedback on your love bucket. This will allow them to see your fillers and drainers and how well they have been doing on each one, which will significantly open up your communication. 

4 -Ongoing feedback

Finally, you'll get into the habit of giving and receiving feedback once a week on both of your fillers and drainers to see what you both did well and how you could improve. The app will also chart out your scores each week so you can see if you're getting better or worse on each filler and drainer for accountability.

Everyone begins relationships feeling madly in love. Why, because their love buckets are full. We all have a love bucket inside of us and we need certain things to fill it up to make us feel loved and satisfied. Imagine your partner like a faucet and in the beginning they were doing an amazing job filling up your love bucket because they were doing and saying all the right things. Their faucet was on full blast!

However, through the years of being together they've turned down the faucet either intentionally or unintentionally and are now barely putting any water into your love bucket. Instead, they've begun doing behaviors that make you feel negative towards them, which creates a hole in the bottom of your bucket and water starts leaking out. Before long, the full love bucket you had in the beginning of your relationship that made you feel in love with your partner becomes lower and lower until eventually it runs dry, which is when couples fall out of love.

So, the key to resurrecting any relationship and staying in love is to start doing the fillers your partner desires and stop doing the drainers they dislike. This may sound easy to do but often involves a learning curve. You first must learn what your partner's fillers and drainers are, then how they are defining their terms, then you must begin the process of changing your behaviors to maximize their fillers and minimize their drainers. If you both do this long enough, you'll fall back in love and stay in love.

Remember, don't ever tell your partner you can't meet one of their fillers because it's "not who you are" because that will turn your relationship into a prison for them. Instead, lean in and do all you can to improve, even if it's not your natural bent, because your effort will honor your partner.

Also, avoid the trap of getting defensive or defeated when getting feedback on how well you've filled your partner's love bucket. Defensive says "it's not my fault" and defeated says "why try, I'm never going to figure this out." Both are toxic! Instead, have the heart of a student when getting feedback. Good students are teachable, eager to learn, and ask lots of questions on how to improve!

Who developed the Keep the Glow (KtG) couples app?

couples app | relationship app
I'm Dr. Wyatt Fisher and I'm the creator of the Keep the Glow (KtG) couples app. I have a master's and doctorate in clinical psychology and I'm a licensed psychologist. I've been in private practice in Boulder, CO since 2004 where I specialize in couples counseling. I'm also the author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book and host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast. After years of working with couples in my practice combined with my personal experience in my own marriage since 1999, I started noticing exact problems and solutions needed for couples to improve their relationship. Keep the Glow (KtG) is the result! Click here to learn more about me. 
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2-Gottman Card Decks

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Best Apps for Couples - Couples App - Relationship App

The Gottman Card Deck couples app provides helpful questions for couples to learn more about one another. Getting to know your partner needs to be an ongoing quest because they are continually changing, just as you are. This app for couples provides a helpful format to get to know your partner over and over again. What makes you mad, sad, glad, and happy today is different compared to one month ago, 6 months ago, or 1 year ago. Your internal workings is referred to as your love map. Just like maps of major cities are continually changing, so is your love map. Therefore, it makes sense to have a method to continually learn about your partner and for them to learn about you.


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Best Apps for Couples - Couples App - Relationship App

Between is a great app for couples to capture special moments together. Some examples may include trips together, anniversaries, birthdays, special date nights, etc. Think of it as a picture album couples app for your relationship. Memories are one of the fondest things of any relationship. Therefore, it makes sense to have a convenient method to capture them with your partner. Between is an excellent app for couples to capture and remember their special moments together. Even reviewing special memories with your partner occasionally can strengthen your relationship. 

4-Ultimate Intimacy

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The Ultimate Intimacy app is a wonderful resource for couples looking to foster their emotional and physical intimacy. It contains lots of educational resources, conversation starters, and games to spice up your love life. It helps couples open up about their expectations and desires around intimacy. It also provides ideas to start nurturing a better connection to take away any awkwardness or hesitation. Another advantage of the app is all photos and illustrations are family friendly so you don't have to worry about being exposed to any unwanted images. 

So there you have it, the best 4 apps for couples. If you're looking to repair your relationship or move it from good to great, check out these couples apps today!

Please email info@drwyattfisher.com or call 303-596-6836 with any questions you may have about the couples app Keep the Glow.

Dr. Wyatt Fisher

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