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Dr. Wyatt Fisher

Couples Retreats NC | Best Marriage Retreat in North Carolina 2023

Couples Retreats NC | Best Marriage Retreat in North Carolina 2023

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What: Total Marriage Refresh- Couples Retreats NC 
When: Available upon purchase
Why: Because your marriage could use a refresh!

Where: The marriage retreat in North Carolina is a professional recording of the Total Marriage Refresh with Dr. Wyatt Fisher. Therefore, you can watch it from the comfort of your living room or a hotel room at a time that works best for you. Plus, you can rewind certain parts and re-watch it as often as you wish for reminders on how to have a healthy marriage. 

If your relationship has experienced infidelity go through our affair recovery program here first.

The conference is equivalent to 6 counseling sessions valued at $1,050

The conference has been contracted several times to strengthen marriages for the United States Air Force.

North Carolina is one of the best states in the US with beautiful mountains to the West and the ocean to the East. So, whether you love the beach and surfing or hiking rugged trails, North Carolina has you covered. You probably know the Wright Brothers flew the first airplane in the Outer Banks in 1903. What you may not know is North Carolina is the largest producer of sweet potatoes in the nation, has the highest waterfall on the east coast at Whitewater Falls in Transylvania County, Krispy Kreme donuts was founded in Winston-Salem, Babe Ruth hit his first home run in Fayetteville, and the Biltmore Estates near Asheville is the largest home in America. What a great state to call home!

What does the couples retreat in NC cover?

1-Establishing a Covenant Foundation

How we approach anything in life impacts how we behave towards it. The same is true for marriage. If we approach marriage as a contract where we're only committed as long as we're in love and our needs are met then our commitment will be a roller coaster. However, if we approach marriage as a long-term covenant despite occasional seasons of winter, we'll be much more steady, which will create relational security.

2-Owning Your Brokenness

Do you think you and your partner are perfect? Of course not! Everyone has flaws and shortcomings they bring into marriage. Unfortunately, most couples digress to pointing out their partner's weaknesses while not owning their own. This step reverses that trend by helping you highlight your areas of brokenness first and foremost. Doing so injects a much needed level of humility into the relationship.

3-Learning to Share Power

Sharing power occurs when both partners feel like they have an equal voice in their relationship. Unfortunately, this is rare to see because most relationships involve one person who tends to be stubborn and doesn't want to compromise or meet in the middle, which creates marriage problems. This steps focuses on how to share power and underscores the importance of it. 

4-Establishing Emotional Attachment

When couples first start out they often feel like best friends. However, as time goes on and career, mortgage, and kids are thrown into the mix, many couples become estranged and lose their emotional connection. This step provides practical steps to cultivate emotional intimacy while also learning how to successfully work through conflicts.

5-Cultivating Sexual Fireworks

Do you have an amazing sex life that's exciting and mutually enjoyable? If you do you're rare. Most couples wrestle with their physical intimacy because of previous trauma, differences in libido, emotional distance, and exhaustion. This step helps couples understand these factors and provides tools to re-ignite the flame with approaches that are sensitive to both partner's needs. 

6-Learning to Stay in Love

The ultimate goal for any relationship is to be in love. When couples are in love they are happy, they are kind towards one another, and their relationship is naturally affair proof. This step ties everything together by providing one of the most effective methods for sustaining love in your relationship. You'll learn the keys to making your partner happy and keeping them that way. 

The conference will give you tools, direction, and hope for your marriage plus undivided attention for your relationship!

Who's the speaker at the marriage retreat in NC?

couples retreat NC | marriage retreats NC

I'm Dr. Wyatt Fisher and I'm the creator and presenter of the Total Marriage Refresh. I have a master's and doctorate in clinical psychology, I'm a licensed psychologist, and I specialize in marriage counseling in my private practice. I'm also the host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast, author of the Total Marriage Refresh book, creator of the Keep the Glow couples app, and leader of the Marriage Boot Camp. Learn more about me here.

What are other couples saying about the marriage retreat in NC?

"Been married 20 years. I was very impressed with this marriage retreat. The material  was vulnerable, broad, and the couples had plenty of time to talk through the topics with one another alone. I'd highly recommend it!" H.R.-previous attendant

"The material for the couples retreat was honest and straightforward. It touched on the subjects most challenging in a relationship with respect and ease." M.A. -previous attendant

"Spot on content. Very relevant with tools to apply to my marriage. Good mix of exercises. So much value for the money and time. Thank you!" M.W. -previous attendant  

How do I purchase the couples retreat in NC? 

1-Click "Add to Cart" at the top of this page then click "Check Out" and follow the prompts. You can choose between the couples retreat or the couples retreat plus one or three coaching sessions at 50% off for immediate support with one of my relationship coaches. The sessions occur separately from the conference through 45 minute virtual appointments with your assigned coach to help you and your partner heal your resentments. To learn more about our relationship coaching click here.

2-We'll receive notification of your purchase. 

3-Within 24 hours you'll be emailed directions on how to prepare for the conference, a 40 page booklet, a link to the personality test you'll need for session three, and a link to the conference sessions. If you also sign up for relationship coaching sessions your coach will reach out within 24 hours to set up the first appointment. 

Be sure to check your junk folder in case the email goes there by accident.

Email or call 303-596-6836 for any questions you have about the conference. 

Dr. Wyatt Fisher

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