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Have you ever taken a college course for your career? If you have an associates, bachelors, or higher you've taken at least 20-40 classes to become successful. How many classes have you taken for your marriage to become successful? If you're like 99% of couples, you've never taken a marriage course. No wonder marriage can be so challenging, you haven't been trained. Imagine going to your job today without any training for it. It would be a disaster!

What is a marriage class?

A marriage course is designed for couples who want to learn how to develop a successful marriage. Typical skills learned include how to share power, how to cultivate emotional intimacy, how to resolve conflicts, and how to nurture sexual intimacy.

Welcome to our marriage class, the Total Marriage Refresh, extended release (ER). 

The Total Marriage Refresh is also a live, one day marriage retreat.

However, the ER version is three times longer!

The one day event is 6 hours and the ER version is 18 hours spread out over 12 weeks.

Therefore, you'll learn the concepts much more thoroughly so they can transform your marriage for years to come. 

4 Reasons To Take A Marriage Course

1-The first reason is to gain tools. Tools are needed to build, maintain and repair your relationship. 

2-The second reason is to gain support. It's easy to become isolated in our marriage experience. We all need guidance to not feel alone in that journey.

3-The third reason is to receive hope. When marriage gets difficult, hopelessness sets in. Gaining tools and support will provided hope for your future together. 

4-The fourth reason is to decrease conflicts. Conflicts are often the result of not approaching marriage correctly. Therefore, the more you learn how to do marriage well the less conflicts you'll have. 

Who is the marriage class for?

The marriage course is for couples who are either engaged and want to develop a successful relationship or couples who have been married for awhile and need help with their vicious cycles and resentments.

If your relationship has experienced infidelity, start with our affair recovery course first.

What will I learn in the couples class?

1-How to approach marriage as a long-term commitment to foster security.

2-How to own your part to problems to foster humility.

3-How to share power on decisions to foster teamwork.

4-How to open up lines of communication to foster emotional intimacy.

5-How to heal resentments.

6-How to resolve conflicts effectively. 

7-How to develop fulfilling sexual intimacy for closeness.

8-How to stay in love over the duration of your relationship. 

Who teaches the marriage class?

marriage course | marriage class | couples classes

Dr. Wyatt Fisher teaches the marriage class. He has a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has been in private practice since 2004 providing marriage counseling in Boulder, CO. He's also been married since 1999 so provides a unique blend of both professional and personal experience. He's also the host of the popular Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast and author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book.

What's the format for the couples class?

Most marriage classes send you pre-recorded videos of classes to watch on your own without any live interaction or support.

Not this one!

This course is taught live by Dr. Wyatt through Zoom, which will significantly improve your experience.

Therefore, if you have questions or need clarification on anything covered, you'll have immediate answers from Dr. Wyatt!

You'll also experience live role plays with Dr. Wyatt on the various tools for better mastery.

What are other students saying about the marriage class?

"Loved Dr. Wyatt's compassion, empathy, humanity, sense of humor, energy, and honesty in using personal examples and focus on pragmatic solutions during the marriage course. Very much appreciated it, Keep it up!"- R.W. previous attendant

"I wish I could sit in this marriage class again, it was so informative. Learning about the seasons of marriage was very helpful. I would recommend this to anyone, no matter what season you are in." N.D.-previous attendant

"I loved the combination of teaching then application, which allowed us to have deeper conversations as a couple. Dr. Wyatt was very personable and we loved hearing his own stories and examples." J.L.- previous attendant

"The tips and resources shared were very helpful. They helped us understand why our marriage is in the rut that it is in. Now that we know why this is happening, we are looking forward to getting out of winter. Thank you so much for the insight and reality check!" A.V. -previous attendant

"My spouse is a skeptic about therapy in general. This marriage class gave him a different perspective. It helped us have good conversations and provided tools to help us fight less. Thank you." T.E.-previous attendant

"This was an amazing experience for me and my husband. Was easy to follow, entertaining and educational. We will forever use the tools we learned from this class. Our marriage wasn’t “in trouble” we just wanted a “refresh” after 11 years together and 5 years of marriage. Highly recommend it to any couple. It will change your marriage if you adopt the tools!" S.N.-previous attendant

How do I register for the marriage course?

The couples class is only offered twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. 

Classes will be on Tuesdays from 5-6:30pm MST. The next cohort will begin 2/14/23. (Classes are recorded in case you miss any)

The course includes 12 weekly classes with Dr. Wyatt through Zoom and each one is 1.5 hours long, which equals 18 hours of education from a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in marriage counseling.

To see Dr. Wyatt in his practice individually for 18 hours would cost $4,200. However, this marriage course with him is only $1,200, which is a 70% savings!

How much is a successful marriage worth to you?

We put our money toward what we value. Also, the cost of the course pales in comparison to how much a separation or divorce would cost. 

It's a wise investment!

If you click "Affirm" during checkout you can set up payments for as low as $75/month.

Once you enroll you'll receive a confirmation email within 24 hours including the Zoom link for the classes, a course schedule, and a program booklet covering all the material included.

Join the waitlist for the next cohort 2/14/23!

Start your journey toward building a successful marriage for years to come!

Email for any questions you may have.