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Dr. Wyatt Fisher

1 Day Intensive With Dr. Wyatt

1 Day Intensive With Dr. Wyatt

You go to a plumber for your toilet, a dentist for your teeth, and a mechanic for your car, go to a marriage counselor for your marriage! 

My one on one intensive is six sessions in one day.

That's six weeks of therapy in one day.

If you want quick progress, if you want breakthroughs, if you want to start feeling hope, sign up!

We'll be spending the day resolving your top resentments.

Nothing goes well with active resentments.

It's hard to go on dates with someone you resent.

It's hard to have sex with someone you resent.

Therefore, resolving resentments is the first step to improving your marriage.

I'll be giving your marriage my undivided attention.

Also, it's virtual.

Therefore, regardless of where you live you can do this!

It will only be me with you and your partner all day!

I can schedule the intensive on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays from 9-2:30pm MST.

Here are my Google reviews from other couples I've worked with. 

My rate is $200/45 minute session and the intensive is 6 sessions.

Therefore, the cost is $1200.

Most insurance will reimburse around 50% for seeing someone out of network. You'll need to check with your insurance to confirm. You would pay me first, then I provide a paid receipt for you to submit to your insurance.

Other couples have also paid using their HSA or Flexible Spending Account.

You also can select ShopPay during checkout to set up installments for as little as $108/month.

So, here's the flow.

1-Check with your partner to see if they're on board to move your marriage out of winter and into spring. 

2-Enroll below.

3-You'll receive an automated confirmation email.

4-Within 24 hours you'll receive a personalized email from me to schedule the intensive.

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