Sexy Games For Couples

Sexy Games For Couples - 4 Sexual Games To Try!

When we're young we usually play a lot of games. However, as we become adults we usually stop, which is unfortunate because playing games can be fun and beneficial. In particular, adults in long-term relationships can benefit from playing sexy games to break up the boring routine most couples fall into after being together for awhile. 

What are sexy games?

Sexy games are activities, such as board games or card games, that facilitate romance in your relationship. They promote connection by encouraging increased emotional closeness and physical intimacy by adding variety and spice to your relationship.

Top 4 Sexy Games To Try

1- Love Lingual - Get it here!

When we're first dating someone we tend to ask lots of questions. Therefore, we get to know them really well. However, after we are together for awhile we stop asking questions, which makes us lose touch with who they are. Your partner is always evolving. Therefore, continually asking them questions is key to staying close. Love Lingual is a great game to get to know your partner again. It comes with 150 cards of questions in five categories, which includes family, intimacy, couple, individual, and past/future. An example of a question in the family category may be "What was one of your favorite memories from your upbringing?" An example of a question from the past/future category may be "What would you love to accomplish within the next five years?" We don't ask these types of questions in the day to day grind of life. Therefore, games like Love Lingual help us get to know our partner again on a deeper level.

2-Talk, Flirt, Dare- Get it here!

Talk, Flirt, Dare is one of the top sexy games to try because it bridges the gap between emotional closeness and physical closeness. The "talk" cards ask fun, creative questions to get to know your partner better. For example, one card may say, "If you and your partner quit your day jobs and became professional bloggers, what would you blog about?" The "flirt" cards raise the heat with more romantic questions, such as "Of all your partner's outfits, which ones look sexiest to you and why?" The "dare" cards raise the heat a few more notches by adding action, such as "For the next 10 minutes be your partner's servant by bringing them whatever they want or providing whatever they desire." 

 3-Loopy- Get it here!

Loopy is a great sexual game for more variety and spice! It's a board game where you spin the arrow, pick a card, and then do what it says. It also comes with a satin blindfold to heighten your experience. When you deprive one of your senses (sight) your other senses will become stronger. You can choose four levels of cards based on your comfort level out of "talks, kisses, fondles, or fun activities" plus "special" cards that can be anything. The focus of the game is to have fun while pleasing or being pleased. The variety of questions keeps things interesting and you still have control by choosing which category to pick from. 

4-Monogamy- Get it here!

Monogamy recommends beginning by setting the scene with soft music, your favorite beverages, and lighting some candles. Then, begin rolling the dice and move your player to the spot on the board and do what it says. When you land on a spot for cards you'll have three categories to pick from. The first category is "Intimate" and the cards provide questions to further your emotional connection or they will ask you to engage in romantic activities like kissing or cuddling. The next category is "Passionate" and the cards encourage light foreplay. The last category of cards is "Steamy" and the actions become more explicit. As you're going around the board you may also land on "treat," which are things to surprise your partner with over the next week, such as a special meal or a sexy text. Also, each time you pass go you'll pick up a "fantasy" card, which provides an exciting role play idea you can put implement when the game is over. 

4 Reasons To Use Sexy Games

1-To Foster Emotional Connection

The first reason is to foster emotion connection. A lot of sexy games start with emotional closeness. For example, they will have cards with questions to ask your partner, such as "What's on your bucket list?" or "What are your biggest goals for the next five years?" or "What are some of your biggest regrets over the past five years?" These are topics we typical don't talk about with our partner and they foster emotional closeness and emotional closeness is often a prerequisite before steamy, physical connection can occur. It's important to ask questions about your partner's life because we're constantly changing. What we're thinking about, what we're dreaming about, and what we're stressing about is continually evolving, which is called our love map. Think of the map of a major city today compared to 10 years ago, 30 years ago, or 100 years ago. The map is always changing as new buildings and roads are erected and old ones are torn down. You would never use an old, outdated map of a city. Likewise, you want to make sure the love map of your partner is updated and spending time in quality conversation with creative questions is a great way to do it. 

2- To Foster Romance

The second reason is to foster romance. Think about the nonstop romance you probably had when you were first dating. You probably had nice candlelight dinners, sensual massages, picnics by the lake, and lots of love letters. Unfortunately, most of that stops when we're together for a while. Instead of focusing on romance our focus goes outward to other things, such as kids, mortgage, careers, and our 401K. All these things are important but we take our eye off our partner. We stop having romance. So, that's another reason to start using sexual games because a lot of them promote romance. For example, many will encourage you to light some candles, play some soft music, and wear something sensual. They'll encourage you to set the scene because setting the scene is romantic.

3-To Foster Foreplay

A third reason is because they foster foreplay. After you've been together for awhile, foreplay is often fast forwarded to get to intercourse. That's unfortunate because for most low libido partners foreplay is their main event because that's where they experience the most pleasure and arousal. Sexy games are great because they bring back the focus on foreplay. For example, if you land on a certain space and pull a card you have to do what it says. One card may say something like "make out for five minutes." Another card may say "stimulate your partner manually for five minutes on top of their underwear." Foreplay like this can be fun and bonding. It also builds arousal, which many low libido partners need more of. Most low libido partners need 15 to 30 minutes of sexual activity to reach orgasm and high libido partners only need 3 to 5 minutes. That's a big discrepancy! Foreplay forces you to slow down so both partners are building arousal together. 

4-To Foster Passion

The fourth reason to use sexy game is to foster passion. Are you bored in the bedroom? Does it feel like vanilla ice cream? Is it predictable? You touch me here, I touch you there, then after a few minutes we're done. That's how it gets for many couples. We get in a rut and like anything in life, we need variety. We need to change it up. Vacation is similar. The grind of day to day life can get boring so to spice things up we go on vacations. The vacations get us out of our familiar space and routines and there's something invigorating and refreshing about that. We need a vacation in the bedroom and sexy games can create one because they provide variety, such as new ways to touch one another or new positions to try. Variety adds heat to the bedroom. The other advantage is the games create anticipation because you're slowly building arousal through the emotional closeness, romance, and foreplay. One of the most powerful aphrodisiacs is anticipation. The longer the anticipation, the more powerful the erotic touch becomes when it finally occurs. 

In summary, the fop four reasons to integrate sexy games into your relationship are to foster emotional connection, romance, foreplay, and passion.

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