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Welcome to my marriage podcast worksheets page. This is where you'll find free resources from my Dr. Wyatt Show podcast to help you build a better relationship and apply the content learned in the episodes. 
Episode 310- Letting Go Of Intimacy To Get More Of It
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Sometimes we must let go of what we want most in order to receive more of it. Sex is often that way. The more high libido partners pursue, the less they get because their partner feels pressured. This episode discusses what to do instead.
Episode 302- Unlocking Intimacy: Building Connection Beyond Words
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Welcome to the new idea of nuddling. Nuddling is a way to merge the physical with the emotional so you have more opportunity for bonding with your partner to move out of roommate status. 
Episode 301- Are You Guilty Of These Unrealistic Expectations? 
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We all enter marriage with certain expectations because of our upbringing and cultural influence. Unfortunately, many of them are unrealistic. In this episode I discuss the top 8 unrealistic expectations to quit today!
Episode 269-How To Resolve Conflict In 7 Steps
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Need help with resolving conflict better? Everyone does. Resolving conflict well doesn't come naturally. Therefore, most of us do it wrong. In this new episode I'll show you 7 steps to do it right! 
Episode 262- How To Quit Porn In 7 Steps
Free Worksheet
If you want to quit porn for moral reasons, health reasons, or relationship reasons, you're going to love this episode. Be sure to download this PDF to process the information further with your partner!
Episode 261-The Secret To Deeper Intimacy For Couples
Free Worksheet
Want to achieve deeper intimacy but not sure how to get there? This episode covers the top two steps to get there. One step is for you as a couple and one step is for each of you individually. Download the PDF to discuss further!
Episode 259- Eight Boundaries with the Opposite Sex In Marriage
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The moment you think you're invincible to an affair is usually when you're most susceptible to one because you're lacking boundaries. This episode reviews the top 8 boundaries to consider to reduce your affair risk. Download the PDF to discuss further! 
Episode 258- How To Reignite The Spark In Your Marriage In 7 Steps
Free Worksheet
It's easy to fall in sleep in your marriage over time. However, just like with a real fire, you can bring the flames back. This episode will show you how! Download this PDF to reflect further on the episode and what changes you can make.
Episode 256- 8 Ways You're Damaging Your Relationship
Free Worksheet
Many couples develop sloppy habits through the years and those bad habits start damaging their relationship. This episode reviews those 8 bad habits and this worksheet will help you and your partner discuss which ones apply to you. 
Episode 254- Stop Bickering. It's Killing Your Relationship
Free Worksheet
Many couples fall into the trap of continual bickering. Doing so erodes their relationship over time and creates a negative association. This worksheet walks you through the four points covered in the podcast to discuss and apply with your partner. 
Episode 253- 7 Secrets To Desire In A Long-Term Relationship
Free Worksheet
Everyone wants to maintain desire in their relationship long-term. However, how do you accomplish that? This podcast episode will get you started with seven steps. Download the worksheet and answer the questions with your partner for further discussion.
Episode 252- How To Lower Your Divorce Risk
No one gets married just to get divorced once day. However, that's what happens to many couples. This episode interviews Rhoda Sommer who has been married for 50 years and a therapist for 40 years. She shares her insights into what causes divorce and what you can do to lower your risk. 
Episode 215- Eleven Ways To Prevent Infidelity & Cheating
Many people fall into affairs because they put themselves in risky situations without realizing it. Here's a document that goes through eleven ways to reduce your affair risk. Review them with your partner to see which ones may be helpful for you. Also, check out the last page for the contract agreement.
Episodes 185-186- 9 Ways To Master Marriage & Money
As I'm sure you know, money problems are a major source of conflict for couples. Most couples have a saver and a spender and can't get on the same page with their finances. This part one and two episode series breaks down the top 9 steps to follow if you want to transform your relationship from financial chaos to financial teamwork. 
Episodes 170-171- 8 Ways To Light The Sexual Fire In Your Marriage
You can't expect flames without first building the fire. However, many high libido partners do exactly that. They expect flames without building the fire. This two part series goes through the top 4 things high libido partners must be doing to build the fire of passion in their relationship. Also, it covers the top 4 things low libido partners must be doing to also encourage fire in their marriage. Both partners have a vital role to play.
Episodes 163-166- How to Make It Through The Holidays Without Killing Your Partner
No matter how you slice it, the holidays can be stressful. Therefore, it's important to be thoughtful and intentional with how you navigate through them. This episode series walks you through four essential categories to be mindful of, finances, workload, expectations, and connection. Download the free PDF above and discuss the content and questions with your partner. 
Episodes 155-158- Why Sex Is Important in Marriage- Four Parts
Couples usually can't wait to have sex during the early phase of their relationship. However, through the years from a lack of emotional connection and differences in libido, many couples struggle having sex. This four part series of the Dr. Wyatt Show podcast explains this dynamic and highlights the top four reasons couples need to be having regular sexual contact. Click the free PDF for discussion questions and links to more resources. 
Episode 153- Four Reasons to Ask For Feedback
One of the best things you can do is regularly ask your partner for feedback on how you could improve for them and then make adjustments based on their feedback. Doing so demonstrates you're strong, that you're teachable, that you care, and that you're safe. You can do this! It will transform your relationship! Check out the pdf above on some phrases to choose from to get started. 
Episode 152- Five Ways To Become A Proactive Partner
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Every partner needs an ongoing partner cheat sheet. This is a place to continually add notes on how to become a better partner for your partner. Items on it may include insights you've had about how your partner ticks, what they prefer, tender spots to be careful of, etc. Each time you are the listener in the reunite tool for conflict resolution, the ideas generated in step five on making amends need to be added to your partner cheat sheet so you don't forget what you're committing to. It's critical to review your partner cheat sheet most days of the week for a few minutes so the ideas stay fresh in your mind. Doing so will eventually change your behavior and that's being a proactive partner! One example on my partner cheat sheet is to not randomly approach my wife and start blabbing. She's an introvert and finds that overwhelming. However, she likes for me to ask questions about her life. So, instead of going up and blabbing about random topics I intentionally ask questions about her life and that helps her feel closer to me and that I care.

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