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Gone are the days where our cultural fabric is filled with positive relationship role models and mentors. Instead, we see many bad marriages coupled with high divorce rates. Further, most people enter marriage with little to no training on how to cultivate a satisfying relationship. Hence, the need for a relationship coach. 

What is a relationship coach?

A relationship coach is someone trained in specific tools and theories on how to build successful marriages. They work with couples to help them resolve resentments and build intimacy on all levels, including emotional, sexual, and financial.

4 Benefits To Working With A Relationship Coach

1-To Get Unstuck

It's easy to get stuck in marriage. Most couples develop vicious cycles because of competing needs. For example, partner A struggles providing emotional intimacy because there's not enough sexual contact. In contrast, partner B struggles providing sexual contact because there's not enough emotional intimacy. Vicious cycle. Who gives in first? These types of patterns and many others turn into frustrating cycles and couples often need help to move forward, which a relationship coach can provide.

2-To Get Support

It's easy to become isolated, especially with the challenges you face in your romantic relationship. Most couples don't have others to turn to for constructive advice. Also, people usually don't want to vent about their marriage to friends or family for fear of it turning them against their partner. Therefore, many couples are isolated with their problems with no one to speak to. A relationship coach can break the isolation by giving you a safe and confidential place to process through all of your challenges and questions about your relationship.

3-To Get Trained

Most people go through hundreds and thousands of hours of training on how to be successful in their career, including college classes, certifications, and continuing education. In contrast, most people receive little to no training on how to become successful in marriage. No wonder romantic relationships can be so difficult, we haven't been properly trained! All couples need tools to be successful in their relationship and a relationship coach can provide them, such as tools on how to effectively resolve conflict, cultivate emotional intimacy, and share power on decision making. 

4-To Get Hope

When couples move into winter season in their relationship it's easy to lose hope. Winter is when needs aren't being met and there's a lot of unresolved conflict and resentment. During these difficult times is when couples need help and support to see that progress is possible. Often, reading books or listening to podcasts isn't enough to move couples from winter to spring. However, a relationship coach can make all the difference by helping couples work through resentments and start meeting one another's needs again, which creates a powerful sense of hope.

How does relationship coaching work? 

All relationship coaching sessions are done virtually to maximize convenience. Sessions can be 45 or 90 minutes long. The longer the session, the more progress can be made! The fee is $75 per 45 minute session or $150 per 90 minute session. The first session will begin with the relationship coach meeting with each partner individually to learn more about their history for around 15 minutes each. Then, the remaining time is spent consolidating the couple's goals and areas of resentment. Subsequent sessions start by helping the couple work through areas of resentment and then building positive skills for increased intimacy and connection. It typically takes 3-6 months of relationship coaching to help couples untangle their knots and create new patterns. Our relationship coaching services are designed for all couples, whether you are dating or engaged or if you are celebrating your silver wedding anniversary. 

What training do the relationship coaches receive?

Relationship Coach | Relationship Coaching

All the relationship coaches have differences in their background education and experience in the helping profession. However, what they all have in common is they have been through Dr. Wyatt's rigorous coaching program, which primarily trains them on how to help couples resolve resentments and fall back in love.

To graduate from the program, the coaches must attend all training sessions with Dr. Wyatt, submit sample coaching sessions to prove their competence, and pass a five page exam on all of Dr. Wyatt's techniques. In addition to their training, Dr. Wyatt also meets with the coaches once a week for supervision so they are continually supported in their work and so the clients receive quality care.

Each coach has been trained on the six steps to marital satisfaction, which includes Establishing a Covenant Foundation, Owning Your Brokenness, Learning to Share Power, Developing Emotional Attachment, Cultivating Sexual Fireworks, and Staying in Love. In addition, each coach has been trained on our top eight marriage tools, which includes the Brokenness Chart, Bounce the Ball, Head/Heart Check, Empathy Variable Exercise, Marriage Huddle, Reunite Tool, Wedding Cake Model, and the Love Buckets. Also, each coach has been trained in all the material for Dr. Wyatt's marriage seminar and they lead the conference in their respective city. 

Dr. Wyatt is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He's also a Certified Coach. Dr. Wyatt specializes in marriage counseling in Boulder, CO, is the founder of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage retreat, author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book, creator of the Keep the Glow couples app, and host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast.

How do I start relationship coaching? 

1-Purchase the first session at the top of this page by clicking "Add to Cart." Click the + sign to enter 2 if you'd like to start with a double session (1.5 hours) then click "Check Out" and follow the prompts.

2-We will receive notification of your first session purchase for relationship coaching. 

3-One of our coaches will email you within 24 hours to schedule the first session. 

Who are the relationship coaches?

relationship coaching

Haven Poush

I'm relationship coach Haven Poush in Phoenix, AZ. My favorite marriage step is #5 on  Cultivating Sexual Fireworks. I think couples often don’t talk about sex enough and can easily get into a rut when sex is meant to be a great way to connect with your partner. My favorite tool is the Reunite Tool because I personally have benefitted greatly from using it and I think effective conflict resolution is not something that comes naturally to anybody! It’s so helpful in allowing both partners to take ownership, feel heard, and bring effective conflict resolution.

relationship coaching

Latoya Washington

I'm relationship coach Latoya Washington in the Bay Area, CA. My favorite is marriage step #4; Developing Emotional Attachment. Within this step lies my favorite tool, which is the Head/Heart Check. This tool allows couples to seek out what is emotionally suppressed in one another in order to find healing. I believe all healing starts from within and utilizing the Head /Heart tool pushes couples to share with one another what might be hindering this process.

relationship coaching

Melanie Ritter

I'm relationship coach Melanie Ritter in Dallas, TX. The Love Bucket tool is the one I enjoy helping couples with the most. It's done wonders for my own marriage by giving us the opportunity for a fresh start. It was helpful to pinpoint our drainers and exciting to strive for successfully filling each other’s buckets! Of the six marriage steps, #2 on Owning Your Brokenness is my favorite. It creates a safe format for both partners to own their shortcomings. Sharing such raw emotions creates an empathetic atmosphere that facilitates the healing process. 

relationship coaching

Mike Marotta

I'm relationship coach Mike Marotta in San Antonio, TX. As a husband of 22 years, I have learned that loving my wife is not something that just happens without intentional effort on my part as well as having a student spirit. Without a doubt, my favorite step toward marital satisfaction is #4, Developing Emotional Attachment. Developing emotional attachment is cultivated in multiple ways. My favorite tool to achieve emotional closeness is using the Head/Heart Check. It's simple, practical, and can be done right now no matter what state your marriage is in. 

relationship coaching

Dawn Marotta

I'm relationship coach Dawn Marotta in San Antonio, TX. My favorite marriage step is #6,  Staying in Love using the Love Bucket tool. This concept involves not only knowing what fills you and your spouse up, but also identifying behaviors that drain the relationship. This tool takes being intentional with your spouse and having the heart of a student. Getting regular feedback in these areas not only helps you and your marriage grow, it deepens your love and understanding for one another. After 21 years of marriage, my husband and I utilized this tool and were pleasantly surprised how helpful this was in falling back in love.

relationship coaching

La Shawn McCrary

I'm relationship coach La Shawn McCrary in Atlanta, GA. The three tools I love the most (I couldn’t pick one!) are Bounce the Ball, Head/Heart Check and Love Buckets. I favor Bounce the Ball because it teaches couples how to communicate with one another as they make decisions. Doing Head/Heart Checks is a great way for partners to get and stay connected. Learning how to fill your spouse’s Love Bucket re-kindles the chemistry in your relationship which leads to a happy, healthy marriage. Owning Your Brokenness is my favorite marriage step because it challenges both partners to do something most people never do, look at themselves and own their shortcomings. When both partners are willing to do this, blame and shame are replaced with compassion, understanding and love. Now, they can stop fighting and start loving one another.

relationship coaching

Catherine Davenport

I'm relationship coach Catherine Davenport in Houston, TX. My favorite is marriage step #4 on Developing Emotional Attachment because it's an essential component to maintain a strong marriage. The knowledge given in this step on how to stay close through understanding your partner's situation using empathy is key. If I could only use one of the marriage tools I would use the Reunite Tool. This tool breaks down barriers and eliminates emotional derailment so couples can come back together after a fall out from conflict.

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