Marriage Training Modules

Marriage Training Modules

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We go through years and years of education and training to become successful in our career but barely any education or training on how to become successful in marriage. No wonder marriage can be so difficult. We haven't had the proper education or training! Welcome to my marriage training module hub, providing tools to better your relationship. Feel free to take a look and see which module(s) below could help your marriage the most. 

Each module is an interactive power point presentation with my voice recorded per slide. The modules provide explanation, examples, and exercises to set you up for mastery. Once purchased, the module will be emailed to you without any limits on amount of times viewed.  

Brokenness Chart Training Module 
This module is recommended for all couples who need humility, emotional safety, and quicker conflict resolution in their relationship. Most partners feel either superior or inferior in their relationship and both are toxic. Instead, both spouses must be mindful of their top shortcomings by owning their brokenness, which is Marriage Step #2. This module will walk you through how to do this with the Brokenness Chart.


Bounce the Ball Training Module

This module is recommended for couples who struggle sharing power with decision making. Learning to share power is Marriage Step #3. When partners aren't sharing power, one spouse calls the shots, leaving the other spouse feeling voiceless and resentful. The module unpacks this dynamic, explores the origins, and provides a practical tool called "Bounce the Ball" to remedy it. 

marriage training module-bounce the ball