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Dr. Wyatt Fisher

Marriage Tools

Marriage Tools

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We need tools to maintain and repair all sorts of things in our lives. The same is true for marriage. We need tools to maintain and repair our relationship! Before going further, let's define what marriage tools are.

What are marriage tools?

Marriage tools are methods developed to help couples respond successfully to common marital challenges, such as conflict, communication, sharing power, and sexual intimacy.

Each tool was developed by Dr. Wyatt Fisher and is a video of him explaining the tool and demonstrating it live so you can see it in action. When purchasing, indicate which tool(s) you'd like to buy and then you'll receive an email with a private video link. Once you have the video link, you and your partner can repeatedly watch it until you gain mastery. 

Marriage Tools To Better Your Relationship

marriage tools
1-Brokenness Tool (to infuse humility)
This tool is recommended for couples who desire more emotional safety in their relationship. Most partners feel either superior or inferior in their relationship and both are toxic. Instead, both spouses must be mindful of their shortcomings by owning their brokenness and discovering how they contribute to the vicious cycles in their relationship. This tool will help you understand the majority of your conflicts and how to take ownership for your part.
2-Bounce the Ball Tool (to infuse equality)
This tool is recommended for couples who want to improve with sharing power in their relationship. Many couples fall into the pattern where one partner is dominant and the other is passive. This is toxic. Healthy relationships have a culture of equality where both partners have an equal voice on all decisions impacting their relationship. This tool provides a practical method to help get you there.
3-Head/Heart Tool (for emotional intimacy)

Do you want deeper emotional intimacy in your marriage? If the answer is yes you need to master the Heart/Heart tool. It's designed to help couples learn how to share more openly, more regularly, and more deeply than ever before. Regardless if your natural bent is to share a lot or a little, this tool is a practical, manageable method to help both partners open up. 

4-Empathy Variable Exercise Tool (for deeper empathy)

Providing empathy towards your partner is like oil in a car engine. You have to have it for things to run well. Without empathy you'll feel invalidated and disconnected. Without empathy you won't be able to effectively resolve conflicts. However, developing empathy is challenging for many. How do we do it? This tool will show you the path.

5-Marriage Huddle Tool (for better teamwork)

Do you ever notice how football teams have a huddle before every play? This gets everyone on the same page. Couples desperately need something similar. Something to get them on the same page so they can operate out of the same playbook. Doing so will help them develop a deeper sense of teamwork and this tool will show you how. 

6-Truth Table Tool (for accurate interpretations of your partner's behavior)

The most important thing in marriage isn't necessarily your partner's behavior but how you interpret their behavior. Also, the more emotional wounds you have from your past, the more likely you will misinterpret your partner's behavior by making negative assumptions or extreme conclusions. This tool is designed to help you develop accurate interpretations of your partner's behavior based on truth, not your past. 

7-Reunite Tool (for conflicts and to heal resentments)
Marriage entails two imperfect people living in close proximity day in and day out. Conflict is going to happen! However, most of us don't know how to effectively deal with conflict. We either stuff our negative feelings or we explode and both are toxic. We need a third option. Welcome to the Reunite Tool, the most effective method for making complaints and resolving conflicts constructively.
8-Wedding Cake Model Tool (for enhanced sexual intimacy)
Most couples have sexual problems because of emotional distance, performance anxiety, past sexual trauma, or differences in libido. This tool is designed to move sex from a rare occurrence filled with obligation to one of mutual anticipation, relaxation, and enjoyment. It's time to bring voice and choice back to the bedroom and this tool will show you how. 
9-Love Buckets Tool (to help you stay in love)
We all get married hoping to stay madly in love. However, once those "in love" feelings fade away couples don't know how to bring them back. Welcome to the love bucket tool, the ultimate technique helping couples fall back in love and stay in love. If you both have a willing heart, this tool will transform your relationship. 
10-Bullseye Tool (to foster affirmation and open feedback)
Couples rarely compliment each other and instead focus on the negatives. This makes most partners feel beat up and therefore defensive to any constructive feedback that comes their way. This tool reverses both of those problems. First, it will show you a simple method for increasing affirmations toward your partner regularly. Second, it will show you how to properly give and receive constructive feedback without it leading to defensiveness.

Dr. Wyatt Fisher

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