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Couples Therapy Training - Fisher Formula

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What: Couples Therapy Training- Fisher Formula
When: 3/12/21 6pm-9pm MST & 3/13/21 9am-12pm MST 
Why: To build your competence helping couples
Where: The training is usually held live at the Renaissance Hotel in Broomfield, CO. However, until COVID is behind us it's held live through ZOOM. After you register for the training, you'll receive an email within 24 hours with the ZOOM link and details for the training. 
The majority of people in the helping profession have received little to no couples therapy training. At most, perhaps they took one elective course in marriage counseling during graduate school. Before long, they've graduated and are seeing couples on their case load. Unfortunately, because of their lack of training, they feel unprepared on how best to help them. Before going further, let's define our terms.
What is couples therapy training? 

Couples therapy training is instruction for therapists, students, coaches, clergy, and interns on how to effectively help couples develop successful relationships. It involves learning about common challenges couples face then developing mastery on tools to help couples solve those challenges.

Why is couples therapy training needed?

Couples therapy training is needed because the divorce rate is around 50% for first time marriages and higher for second and third time marriages. Therefore, there's a huge need for helping couples. Most couples think they will live happily ever after; however, before long they're stressed from unmet needs, perpetual conflicts, and resentment. Therefore, they desperately need tools and competent professionals to show them how to do things right. 

Who is couples therapy training for?  

Couples therapy training is for therapists, students, interns, life coaches, and clergy. It's needed for therapists because they can immediately implement the training in their work with couples. It's needed for students to supplement their graduate training so they feel better prepared to work with couples one day. It's needed for interns so they can receive additional help working with couples on their case load. It's needed for life coaches because some couples are turning to life coaching for relational help. Finally, it's needed for clergy because people of faith often turn to their pastor first for marital help. The Fisher Formula training should also qualify for continuing education credits. Please check with your state licensing board to confirm.

What does couples therapy training include?

1-Part One

The Fisher Formula couples therapy training covers three parts. Part one covers the top 5 marriage tools listed below for couples to have a successful relationship. Most couples crave concrete steps to help them develop a satisfying relationship and this training provides it. 

*Head/Heart Check- This tool helps couples cultivate emotional intimacy and attachment.  

*Reunite Tool- This tool helps couples learn how to constructively process through complaints and conflicts in their marriage. 

*Empathy Variable Exercise- This tool helps couples develop deeper empathy by learning important information about their partner. 

*Wedding Cake Model- This tool helps couples enhance their sexual intimacy by developing a mutually satisfying sex life where voice and choice are central. 

*Love Buckets- This tool helps couples learn the keys to staying in love by continually tending to the top needs of their partner.  This tool has also been developed into an app for couples available here.

2-Part Two

Part two of the Fisher Formula training covers the top 10 steps to helping couples recover from an affair. Roughly 50% of couples seeking therapy are there because of infidelity so learning how to help them heal is essential.

3-Part Three

The third part of the Fisher Formula training is learning the top 10 best practices to effectively work with couples listed below.

*how to start a session

*how to determine which tools to use in a session

*how to manage anger in a session

*how to handle unmotivated partners

*how to provide empathy and challenge to each partner

*how to end a session

*how to handle requests for individual sessions

*how to handle communication between sessions

*how to manage payment for sessions

*how to market a successful practice

Participants of the Fisher Formula couples therapy training will receive a certificate of completion. 

Who leads the couples therapy training?

couples therapy training

Dr. Wyatt Fisher is the founder and facilitator of the Fisher Formula couples therapy training. Dr. Wyatt is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in marriage counseling. He's been in private practice since 2004, married since 1999, and has led marriage retreats since 2012. He's developed all the tools covered in the training from hundreds of hours of research, clinical experience, and personal practice. He is also the host of the popular Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast and author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book. All training participants will receive a free copy of his book. Dr. Wyatt currently lives outside of Boulder, CO with his wife and four children. In his spare time he loves to garden, read biographies, and play guitar. 

Please send any questions you have about the training here. 

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