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Marriage Retreat Texas

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What: Total Marriage Refresh- Dallas, Texas
When: 6/26/20 & 6/27/20 (7pm-10:15pm CST both nights)
Why: It's time for your digital date night!

Where: The marriage conference is typically held at the Embassy Suites in Frisco, TX. However, it's now held online through Zoom until COVID-19 passes. The seminar is a live presentation with Dr. Wyatt Fisher on the top six steps to marital satisfaction filled with interactive exercises and live Q & A. Each couple will also receive a 40 page booklet. Cost of the seminar is 30% off the regular price. Register Today!


"I wish I could sit in this class again, it was so informative. Learning about the seasons of marriage was very helpful. I would recommend this to anyone, no matter what season you are in." N.D.-previous attendant

The Marriage Retreat In Texas Covers  

1-Establishing A Covenant Foundation:

Learning to view marriage as a long-term commitment is uncommon. However, doing so will change the culture of your relationship and how you respond to problems.

2-Owning Your Brokenness:

We all bring shortcomings into our marriage and they interact with our partner's shortcomings and vicious cycles take over. Therefore, identifying and owning your brokenness is key to understanding and resolving conflict.

3-Learning To Share Power:

Do you do whatever you want regardless if your spouse is in agreement? If so, you're not sharing power. Healthy marriages have respect for both partners so their voices are heard. 

4-Developing Emotional Attachment:

You can't feel emotionally close with your spouse until you learn to work through conflict effectively. Then, you must learn how to become close friends with them.

5-Cultivating Sexual Fireworks:

Sexual trauma, different libidos, and busy lives are the leading causes of sexual problems in marriage. Learning how to navigate through these obstacles to create a sexual climate mutually enjoyable for both partners is key.

6-Staying In Love:
Now that you've worked through the previous five steps, it's essential to keep it up. Learning how to stay in love is vital to not only bring happiness, but also to affair proof your relationship moving forward.

"The topics were very helpful and Wyatt was engaging, entertaining, and well organized." (previous attendant)

Speaker at the Couples Retreat in Texas

marriage retreat texas | Couples Retreats Dallas, TX

Dr. Wyatt Fisher is the founder and presenter of the Total Marriage Refresh-Texas. He has a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Psychologist in Colorado. He also has been in private practice since 2004 where he specializes in marriage counseling. Last, he's been married since 1999 and his own relationship has been through many trials so he helps couples from both a personal and professional perspective. Start listening to his Marriage Podcast here!

"Wyatt covered many difficult topics with ease and grace. His transparency with his own marriage made him feel relatable and human." (previous attendant)

Seminar Schedule:

Day One

7pm-8:15pm: Marriage Step One: Establishing A Covenant Foundation 

8:15pm-9:30pm: Marriage Step Two: Owning Your Brokenness 

9:30pm-10:15pm: Marriage Step Three: Learning To Share Power 

Day Two

7pm-8:15pm: Marriage Step Four: Developing Emotional Attachment 

8:15pm-9:30pm: Marriage Step Five: Cultivating Sexual Fireworks 

9:30pm-10:15pm: Marriage Step Six: Staying In Love and concluding remarks

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*$99 per couple, Register Today!

"Wow, it was amazing. I believe you truly save so many marriages." (previous attendant)

couples retreats Texas | marriage retreats Texas

More Reviews:

"Everything was so practical and easily applicable, I never once got bored or zoned out, Wyatt kept every session interesting." (previous attendant)

"Wonderful experience. Highly recommend! Dr. Wyatt uses his real life experience. He’s in the trenches with you." D.H.-previous attendant

"Dr. Wyatt is a great marriage counselor and excellent facilitator. Very transparent with his own marriage. I recommend going to breathe back life into your marriage!" R.B.-previous attendant

"Brad and I attended the couples retreat in Texas. It was very practical and applicable. The speaker, Dr. Wyatt Fisher, was so easy to listen to and shared from his own marital experiences, both good and bad. His visual illustrations were both serious and light-hearted. It was easy to laugh and also be sober about the topic of nurturing your spouse and marriage. The times set apart to talk with your spouse during the seminar were such a neat part of the sessions. I think it would be a great yearly event to attend." J.O.-previous attendant

"It is laid out in practical terms. such an eye opener to me and my spouse. So excited to put what we learned into action." S.W.-previous attendant

"Dr. Wyatt held his marriage retreat in TX yesterday and changed the lives of many, many couples. He provides such great resources but also helps each couple in implementing the tools taught. He adds comedy, facts, and theory to all his sessions, which allows for a much better and impactful message. I recommend his seminar to every couple, young or old, newly married or those celebrating decades of marriage. The way he applies the sessions to his own marriage experiences really adds to the learning. Amazing day!" G.T.-previous attendant

"Practical and insightful principles were presented in an organized manner. The content was thorough and logical. There was plenty of time to delve into marital challenges in a manageable way. This couples retreat gave renewed hope. Intense but definitely worth the time. Thank you Dr. Wyatt! We'll be back." S.P.-previous attendant

"Excellent tips. thank you for the presentation. beautifully laid out and said. Having a group setting helped tremendously rather than a one on one session. So many things we can refer back to in the booklet. Well worth the money I would say. My husband and I have been to marriage counseling and we just felt it was someone else to pick sides. You are excellent at what you do. Thank you again." J.W.-previous attendant

"This was an amazing experience for me and my husband. Was easy to follow, entertaining and educational. We will forever use the tools we learned about from this couples retreat. Our marriage wasn’t “in trouble” we just wanted a “refresh” after 11 years together and 5 years of marriage. I was surprised at the age range of people who came from young to old. Highly recommend it to any couple. It will change your marriage if you adopt the tools!" S.N.-previous attendant

"I wish I could sit in this class again, it was so informative. Learning about the seasons of marriage was very helpful. I would recommend this to anyone, no matter what season you are in." N.D.-previous attendant

"My husband and I have been married for 2 years, and we LOVED this conference! Very entertaining, with lots of resources and tools that really set you up for success in your marriage! We will be back & recommend it for anyone- no matter how long you’ve been married! We liked being able to learn some tools on the front end of issues instead of waiting until things are bad! I think it would be beneficial in crisis as well as just learning tools to prevent future crisis! Love love loved this!" H.J.-previous attendant

"Very relevant and easy to listen to. Good tools to help us going forward. I recommend this to all married couples." G.G.-previous attendant

"My husband and I have seen marriage counselors in the past and were familiar with many of the techniques Wyatt spoke of, but he had practical ways to apply them to our daily lives. I wish we had taken this marriage retreat years ago!!! Wyatt gave many awesome suggestions for keeping the love light burning! It’s truly enhanced our marriage like nothing else!! Thank you so much, Wyatt, for doing what you do!!" D.G.-previous attendant

"Dr. Wyatt was funny, engaging, captivating, articulate, and able to tie big concepts together, I really enjoyed it!" R.S- previous attendant

"I loved the combination of seminar then breaks, which allowed us to have deeper conversations as a couple. Dr. Wyatt Fisher was very personable and we loved hearing his own stories and examples." J.L.- previous attendant

"This couples retreat was extremely helpful. It was interesting, covered great concepts, and provided excellent tools. Dr. Wyatt had great energy and was well spoken and kept me engaged." M.N. -previous attendant

"We had such a wonderful time at the Total Marriage Refresh!  As part of our company culture of caring, we invest in our employee’s lives outside of simply professional.  This season, we marketed your event internally at our company, and 25 couples attended.  We have a very diverse group at work.  The information and examples which you shared with us were not disparaging to anyone – no matter what they believed, thought, or felt.  Everyone had a great time.  The material shared was awesome!  (My wife and I just used one of your tools at home yesterday.)   It was thorough, well rounded, with great science behind it, and dished out to us in perfect portions through stories, examples, and movie clips.  I stayed engaged the whole day; It flew by.  I recommend to any group leader that they look at the Total Marriage Refresh as a possible enrichment event."