Total Marriage Refresh Leaders

Total Marriage Refresh

Do you have a passion for marriage?

Would you like to make a significant impact on couples? 

Do you want to share your relational experience and pay it forward? 

Consider becoming a Total Marriage Refresh seminar leader!

The Total Marriage Refresh (TMR) was developed by Dr. Wyatt Fisher in 2012. Dr. Wyatt is a licensed psychologist in Colorado specializing in marriage counseling. He developed the seminar as a way to merge his personal experience in marriage since 1999, his clinical experience from his private practice since 2004, and his extensive marital research. His passion for marriage and public speaking has turned the TMR into a transformational presentation ready to expand. He desires to spread the TMR to new cities and hopes you'll become a part of that vision because he can't be everywhere at once!

What is a TMR leader?

A TMR leader is someone who presents the TMR conference. Conferences are held once in the fall and once in the spring.

Requirements to become a TMR leader

Must have a graduate degree in a mental health related field at the time of facilitating the conference

Must be married or in a long-term committed relationship 

Must be passionate about helping couples have better relationships

Must have some clinical experience working with couples

Must have strong public speaking skills

Benefits of becoming a TMR leader

1-Leaders will be making a significant impact on marriages by helping many couples all at once during the TMR seminars. The average attendance at the conference is around 50 couples.

2-Leaders will be paid each time they facilitate the conference. The conference is roughly six hours split over a Friday evening and Saturday morning. 

3-Leaders will receive new referrals for their practice because couples at the conference will be building trust with you all day and several will probably want to continue for couples therapy.

TMR leader application and training requirements

1-Documents submitted

If you're interested in becoming a TMR leader submit your vita, three references, and a copy of your license and malpractice insurance to If you're an intern then a copy of your license is not relevant. You'll also need to submit a 3-5 minute video of you presenting on a topic of your choice. If you appear to be a good fit someone on the Dr. Wyatt Fisher team will be in touch to set up an interview. 

2-Video training 

If you're selected, the next step is to watch the TMR-ZOOM recording of the conference and read Dr. Wyatt Fisher's marriage book to master the retreat material. Dr. Wyatt will also set up 1-2 live ZOOM sessions with you to review the material and answer any questions you may have. 

3-Attend a TMR live seminar

The third step to becoming a TMR leader is to attend the next TMR conference led by Dr. Wyatt Fisher live in Colorado. This will provide you with a full experience of the conference. You and your partner are invited to attend for free and your air fair will be covered. However, airfare for your partner and all lodging and transportation expenses are not covered. 

4-Present the TMR live

Now you're ready to present the TMR live! Dr. Wyatt Fisher and his team will take care of all advertising and reservations for the event and you'll be provided with all materials to facilitate the conference. All you need to do is present it. There will be an online survey provided to all guests after the conference for them to provide feedback on their experience with you and the seminar. This feedback will be shared with you and Dr. Wyatt Fisher's team for continued growth and excellence. 

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