Fisher Formula Training

Fisher Formula Training

Thank you for your interest in the Fisher Formula training program. With the divorce rate hovering around 50% for first time marriages and higher for subsequent ones, the need for relationship coaching has never been higher. Also, relationship coaching tends to have less stigma associated with it compared to marriage counseling so more people are open to it. See how to get started below! 

Fisher Formula Training Program - Five Steps

1-Decide if our program is for you.

Our Fisher Formula training program will qualify you to lead our Total Marriage Refresh seminar in your state plus provide follow-up relationship coaching services to the attendants.

The Total Marriage Refresh is one of the leading marriage retreats in the US and is offered in over 20 cities. The curriculum of the seminar provides a powerful blend of tools and insights to help couples at all stages of their relationship. The conferences are held once in the fall and once in the spring over a Friday night and Saturday morning. You would be paid $250 to co-lead the conference or $500 to lead the entire seminar. We love having couples lead the seminar the most but this is not a requirement.

Learn more about the Total Marriage Refresh marriage retreat here.

Several couples usually desire relationship coaching services after the conference for continued support and guidance. Since you will be leading the conference it makes the most sense for you to also provide the after-care services. You also may receive other requests for relationship coaching from Dr. Wyatt Fisher's referral program. You'll be able to create your own schedule, see as many clients as you desire, and work from the convenience of your own home because all sessions are done virtually.

When you help couples develop stronger marriages, you're also helping their children grow up in a more loving, stable home. While working with couples can be challenging at times, the reward of seeing them heal and fall back in love is priceless. 

Your pay for coaching services begins at $30 per 45 minute session before receiving your certification. Once you complete 100 hours of supervised experience of coaching services and become certified, your rate will increase to $60 per 45 minute session. 

Learn more about Dr. Wyatt's relationship coaching services here.

2-Start the application process.

If you'd like to join the Fisher Formula training program, submit your information here along with the reasons why you're interested. The only prerequisites is you must have a passion for helping couples and you must be married yourself. It would be odd to help other couples if you weren't also married!

3-Set up an interview.

Next, you will be contacted to submit your resume, personality test, references, and a short video of you presenting on a topic of your choice. If you appear to be a good fit for our Fisher Formula training program, you will be contacted for an interview. 

4-Receive training for the conference.

If you're selected, the next step is to watch the Total Marriage Refresh seminar video recording and read the Total Marriage Refresh book to master the material. The content is broken into six sections. Three live ZOOM sessions will be scheduled with you and Dr. Wyatt Fisher, or someone from his team, to process through the content and answer any questions you may have after you've completed the first and second section, the third and fourth section, and the fifth and sixth section. The next step is attending the Total Marriage Refresh led by Dr. Wyatt Fisher live in Colorado. Registration to attend the conference is free for you and your partner but you are responsible for all travel expenses and lodging. This will provide you with a full experience of the conference before leading your own.

Dr. Wyatt Fisher and his team will take care of all advertising and reservations for the seminar. All you need to do is present it and respond to questions couples may have during it. There will be an online survey provided to all guests after the conference for them to provide feedback on their experience of the conference. This feedback will be shared with you and Dr. Wyatt Fisher's team for continued improvement. 

5-Receive training for coaching.

Fisher Formula Training Program

Training for coaching services covers six modules. All modules are done virtually to maximize your convenience. They are also recorded so you can watch them at a later time in case you miss any. 

Module one covers ethics in the helping profession.

Module two covers effective listening skills as a coach.

Module three reviews marriage tools to use in session with couples. 

Module four reviews the top methods for helping couples recover from an affair. 

Module five covers the following best practices for relationship coaching sessions.

*how to start a session

*how to determine which tools to use in a session

*how to provide empathy and challenge to each partner

*how to end a session

*how to handle requests for individual sessions

*how to handle communication between sessions

*how to manage payment for sessions

Module six is a practicum where you will begin coaching others students. Each of your sessions will be recorded so they can be shared with Dr. Wyatt Fisher and his team for you to receive feedback for excellence.  

Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed psychologist with a master's and doctorate in clinical psychology. He specializing in marriage counseling and is a certified coach. He's also the founder of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage retreat, author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book, creator of the Keep the Glow couples app, host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast, and the creator of ten marriage tools. 

The cost for the Fisher Formula training program is free and the next cohort will begin 6/9/21. Send us a message here to get started along with the reasons why you're interested!