Fisher Formula Training

Fisher Formula Training

Thank you for your interest in the Fisher Formula training program. With the divorce rate hovering around 50% for first time marriages and higher for subsequent ones, the need for marriage support has never been higher. See how you can join our mission to lower the divorce rate one marriage at a time! 

Fisher Formula Training Program - Six Steps

1-Decide if our program is for you.

Our Fisher Formula training program will qualify you to lead our Total Marriage Refresh seminar plus provide follow-up relationship coaching services to the attendants.

The Total Marriage Refresh is one of the leading marriage retreats in the US and is offered in over 20 cities. The curriculum of the seminar provides a powerful blend of tools and insights to help couples at all stages of their relationship. You would be responsible for leading the conference four times a year in your city so twice in the fall and twice in the spring. Doing it four times a year helps the conference build momentum, will strengthen your skills as a presenter, and will maximize your referrals for relationship coaching. You would be paid $500 for the first 25 couples attending the conference. This guarantees you a base pay regardless of how small your conference is. You'll get paid an additional $20 per couple beyond 25 couples. For example, if 30 couples attend you would be paid $600, if 40 couples attend you would be paid $800, if 50 couples attend you would be paid $1000, etc. The better you do, the better your reviews will be, the more people will attend, and the more you'll be compensated! The seminar is held on Saturdays from 9am-4pm at a hotel.

Learn more about the Total Marriage Refresh marriage retreat here.

Some couples desire relationship coaching services after the conference for continued support and guidance. Since you will be leading the conference it makes the most sense for you to also provide the after-care services. You'll be able to create your own schedule and work from the convenience of your own home because all sessions are done virtually.

When you help couples develop stronger marriages, you're also helping their children grow up in a more loving, stable home. While working with couples can be challenging at times, the reward of seeing them heal and fall back in love is priceless. 

Your pay for coaching services begins at $45 per 45 minute session before receiving your certification. Once you complete 100 hours of supervised experience of coaching services and become certified, your rate will increase to $60 per 45 minute session. 

Learn more about Dr. Wyatt's relationship coaching services here.

2-Start the application process.

If you'd like to join the Fisher Formula training program, email along with the reasons why you're interested. We are looking for individuals who enjoy public speaking and are passionate about helping couples strengthen their marriage. We also prefer candidates who are married or in a long-term relationship so they can speak from their own experiences, which the audience really appreciates.

3-Set up an interview.

Next, you will be contacted to submit your resume, personality test, references, and a short video of you presenting on a topic of your choice. If you appear to be a good fit for our Fisher Formula training program, you will be contacted for an interview. 

4-Receive training for the conference and follow-up coaching.

If you're selected, the next step is to begin the training. The training is 12 weeks for approximately two hours each week. All training will be done with Dr. Wyatt Fisher virtually through Zoom. The sessions will also be recorded in case you're unable to make one. Sessions will be held on Sundays to maximize convenience in case you work during the week. The first 6 weeks will focus on effectively leading the conference. The second 6 weeks will focus on coaching services. 

Fisher Formula Training Program

 5-Attend the conference live in Colorado.

Once you've completed the training you're ready to attend the seminar led live by Dr. Wyatt Fisher in Boulder, CO. The fee for you to attend the conference is waived but you're responsible for all travel and lodging expenses. It's recommended to attend the conference with your spouse so you both can experience it. 

6-Lead the conference yourself.

Now you're ready to start leading the conference yourself and provide follow-up coaching services. You'll receive supervision for your first 100 hours of coaching services for support as you're working toward certification.

Dr. Wyatt Fisher is a licensed psychologist with a master's and doctorate in clinical psychology. He specializes in marriage counseling and is a certified coach. He's also the founder of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage retreat, author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book, creator of the Keep the Glow couples app, host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast, and the creator of ten marriage tools. 

The cost for the Fisher Formula training program is free and the next cohort will begin in February 2022. Coaches are still needed in the following cities. 



Virginia Beach


If you would like to join our team please email to start the application process!