Couples Workshop: 5 Steps To Strengthen Your Intimacy

Learn how to overcome common struggles in the bedroom and build lasting intimacy that works well for both high and low libido partners in our leading couples workshop.

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Tired Of The Struggle?

Most couples struggle in the bedroom.

Often, the low libido partner doesn't feel open to sexual intimacy because they don't feel emotionally close.

And the high libido partner doesn't feel open to emotional intimacy because they don't feel sexually close. 

The perfect stand-off. 

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Tired of Feeling Like Roommates?

When emotional and sexual needs go unmet partners wall off.

Resentment starts to build.

And they start feeling like roommates rather than partners.

And no one signs up for marriage to eventually feel like roommates. 

The Solution: Our Virtual Couples Workshop

The solution is Dr. Wyatt's live, one hour virtual couples workshop on 5 Steps To Strengthen Your Intimacy. (Thursday 6/20/24 at 12noon MST)

You'll learn the most common roadblocks to intimacy.

You'll learn the impact emotional and sexual intimacy has on your relationship.

You'll learn the keys to building back your emotional and sexual connection.

You'll learn key strategies for high libido partners.

You'll learn key strategies for low libido partners.

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What Are Other Couples Saying About The Couples Workshop?

"Great content, flowed well. This should be taught in all high schools and colleges. Dr. Wyatt is a fabulous speaker, on his way to next Dr. Phil status." S.R.- previous attendant

"This training was extremely helpful. It was interesting, covered great concepts, and provided excellent tools. Dr. Wyatt had great energy and was well spoken and kept me engaged." M.N. -previous attendant

"I appreciate how Dr. Wyatt gave personal examples of challenges in his own  marriage. It helped us to connect with him, allowing us to open our hearts and mind. He was transparent and relatable." B.R. previous attendant 

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Who Is Dr. Wyatt?

Dr. Wyatt has a Master's and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

He's a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

He's been in private practice since 2004 specializing in marriage counseling.

He's the host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast.

He's the creator of the KTG couples app for better communication. 

He's the creator of the TMR marriage retreat.

He's the leader of the ER marriage intensive. 

His mission is to lower the divorce rate one marriage at a time and you can learn more about him here.

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Grab Your Spot For The Couples Workshop!

Are you ready to resolve the stand-off between emotional and sexual needs?

Are you ready to learn practical steps to foster better connection?

Are you ready to build a thriving sex life that works for both low and high libido partners?

Are you ready to start feeling like partners again?

If you answered "yes" then attend this engaging and transformative training with Dr. Wyatt!

The cost is only $29/couple.

The live, one hour virtual couples workshop is Thursday 6/20/24 at 12noon MST and will include Q & A at the end.

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