Marriage Survival Guide: Quarantined

marriage survival guide
      It's hard to comprehend how quickly our world has come to a screeching halt because of the coronavirus. Kids are home from school, parents are required to work remotely, businesses are shutting down, and this has all happened within a matter of days. Who knows when it will end or how bad things will get. Times are stressful. One unexpected change is couples now have a tremendous amount of time together. For some, this is what they've always wanted. However, for most, this increased time is creating tension from differences in temperament, unresolved conflicts, not sharing power, and needs not being met. Whatever issues a couple had before the coronavirus are now magnified!
      Therefore, to help couple make it through this crisis and get to the other side, I've developed a free Marriage Survival Guide. The presentation covers the acronym PEACE, which stands for Partition, Expose, Anxiety, Collaborate, and Engage. Partition refers to the need for couples to intentionally divide their time to ensure needs are met for kids, family time, work time, alone time, and couple time. Expose refers to viewing this time as an opportunity for personal and marital growth as imperfections are revealed. Anxiety refers to methods recommended to lower anxiety for personal and marital health.  Collaborate refers to the importance of making decisions as a team so both partners have an equal voice. Finally, Engage refers to intentionally nurturing both emotional and physical intimacy during this increased time together. 
      Click the video below to watch the presentation and share this page with your family and friends!


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