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7 Reasons To Become A Relationship Coach

1-The coaching industry generates over $15 billion per year. This reflects how vast the coaching industry has become.

2-The coaching industry is projected to keep growing at 7% per year so strong prospects well into the future.

3-It pays well from $75-$120 per 45-minute session.

4-The divorce rate continues to be high. Divorce rates for first time marriages is around 40-50%, around 60% for second marriages, and around 70% for third marriages. Therefore, the need to help couples has never been greater.

5-Couples often prefer coaching because of its focus on skills and tools. Also, many partners are more open to coaching than therapy because it doesn't carry the same stigma.

6-It provides a career focus with meaning and significance.

7-It provides flexibility because you set your schedule, see as many clients as you choose, and it’s virtual.

4 Ways To Know If You'd Be A Good Relationship Coach 

1-You're at a point in your life where you want to feel like your work matters. You want to do something with meaning.

2-You have a personal passion for helping couples and you want to do your part in reducing the divorce rate one marriage at a time.

3-You've learned many lessons in your own relationship through the years and you want to pass on your wisdom to other couples to pay it forward.

4-You've been told by others throughout your life you're a good listener and that you have good insights.

relationship coach certification training

1-The top causes for couples having so many problems in their relationship.

2-The top reasons why coaching is the best solution to helping couples solve their problems. 

3-The top credentials needed to become a relationship coach.

4-The top skills needed to become competent in helping couples effectively. 

5-The top marketing strategies needed to generate referrals to build your coaching practice. 

Who is Dr. Wyatt Fisher? 

relationship coach certification training

I'm Dr. Wyatt Fisher and I have a master's and doctorate in clinical psychology. I'm a licensed psychologist and I've been in private practice specializing in couples counseling since 2004. I'm also the author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book and the host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast. I'm also a certified coach and I train relationship coaches for certification. To learn more about me click here.

What are other people saying about their experiences with Dr. Wyatt Fisher? 

"The teaching was so good, so easy to understand and the actual applications were not hard or complicated." -A.M.-previous attendant

"Dr. Wyatt was really effective & amazingly concise with the balance of information shared and personal stories intertwined." -B.R.- previous attendant

"It was thorough, well rounded, with great science behind it, and dished out to us in perfect portions through stories and examples. I stayed engaged the whole time." J.N. -previous attendant

"I loved the combination of teaching then application, which allowed us to have deeper conversations. Dr. Wyatt was very personable and we loved learning from him." J.L.- previous attendant

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The time of lacking meaning and direction in your career is over. The time to start making an impact by helping couples has arrived. Learn how by attending my FREE training on "How To Become A Relationship Coach In 90 Days."