Premarital Counseling & Marriage Membership Class

premarital counseling

Are you looking for premarital counseling to learn how to do marriage right?

Have you been married for awhile and realize you're missing tools?

Have you attended Dr. Wyatt's conference, read his book, used his app, or listened to his podcast but need help with implementation? 

Are you looking for an affordable alternative to marriage counseling? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we have the perfect course for you, our Matrimony Membership!

It's astounding how much training we receive in other areas of our life to be successful. For example, think of how much time and resources people invest into their hobbies, such as golfing, scuba diving, horseback riding, etc. Now, think of how much time and resources people invest into their careers, such as becoming a teacher, an accountant, a lawyer, etc. However, we put almost no time and resources into becoming successful in our marriage!

No wonder the divorce rate is so high. 

No wonder so many couples are unhappy in their marriage. 

No wonder couples find themselves in perpetual conflict. 

This membership class is designed to reverse those trends by training you on the top 9 tools for marital success. It's the ultimate premarital counseling & marriage membership course.

And, it has LIVE support!

Most classes only provide you with pre-recorded videos that you must watch and master on your own. 

Not this one!

This premarital counseling & marriage membership course includes Dr. Wyatt joining the class several times a week for LIVE Q & A to help you with implementation.

premarital counseling

Dr. Wyatt has a master's and doctorate in clinical psychology, is a licensed psychologist, has been in private practice in marriage counseling since 2004, and has been married since 1999. He's also the founder of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage retreat, author of the Total Marriage Refresh marriage book, host of the Dr. Wyatt Show marriage podcast, and creator of the Keep the Glow couples app

Here are some quotes from previous members.

"I appreciated the exercises and blunt honesty of the material." B.A. -previous member

"My husband and I have been married for 2 years, and we LOVED this course! Very entertaining, with lots of resources and tools that really set you up for success in your marriage! We recommend it for anyone- no matter how long you’ve been married! We liked being able to learn some tools on the front end of issues instead of waiting until things are bad! I think it would be beneficial in crisis as well as just learning tools to prevent future crisis! Loved this!" H.J.-previous member

"Wow, it was amazing. I believe you truly save so many marriages." M.G. -previous member

What will I receive in the premarital counseling & marriage membership class?

1-You will receive exclusive video access to Dr. Wyatt's professionally recorded Total Marriage Refresh Program, Affair Recovery Program, and his Nine Marriage Tools. (Combined value of $600)

2-You will also receive access to additional articles to bolster your relationship.

3-You'll receive LIVE access to Dr. Wyatt several times a week for Q & A and implementation. 

What tools will I learn in the premarital counseling & marriage membership class?

1-Brokenness Tool (to infuse humility)
2-Bullseye Tool (to foster affirmation and open feedback)
3-Bounce the Ball Tool (to infuse equality)
4-Head/Heart Tool (for emotional intimacy)
5-Empathy Variable Exercise Tool (for deeper empathy)
6-Marriage Huddle Tool (for better teamwork)
7-Reunite Tool (for conflicts and to heal resentments)
8-Wedding Cake Model Tool (for enhanced sexual intimacy)
9-Love Buckets Tool (to help you stay in love)

How much does the premarital counseling and marriage membership class cost?

The monthly cost for membership is $49. In contrast, if you were seeing Dr. Wyatt for weekly marriage counseling sessions you would be paying $700 per month!

This is an affordable, effective alternative to marriage counseling to receive support for your relationship!  

So what are you waiting for? 

Sign up today!

Please email with any questions you may have about this resource or set up a live Zoom call with her here. 

Dr. Wyatt Fisher

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